How I Came To Understand Tithing

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I awoke this morning feeling groggy. After rising, I showered, put the coffee on, and went outside to talk with the Lord. I love the quietness of the early morning before the busyness of the day sets in. The birds were happily chirping, the small animals were scurrying around the yard looking for food, the dew was still on the grass, and everything was so peaceful. As I sat quietly watching the sun slowly rising over the eastern horizon, the thought came that I should start tithing on the funeral home income. It had been my belief that the business should only tithe on the profit, and thus far there hasn’t been much profit to tithe on. Why I believed this, I don’t know. Then the thought came to me that when the Lord God first taught tithing to the Israelite’s, they were to tithe on the first fruits of their land. From the land came products for buildings, products for industry, as well as providing income, food for their table, and food and shelter for their herds. After reading what God had to say about tithing, I realized tithing was God’s idea, it wasn’t mans. I also came to understand the reason God commanded the Israelite’s to tithe on a regular basis was so He could bless them on a regular basis.

I have tithed for years, but it has always been on my income. This morning I saw that by tithing on my income only would be the same as the Israelite’s tithing only on the produce grown in the family garden. As a result of my tithing habits, I have been actually limiting the Lord in what He has wanted to do for me for some time now. Ignorance isn’t a blessing, it’s a curse.  And because I have been ignorant concerning tithing, I have been allowing the enemy of my soul to rob me of God’s intended blessings. I can hear the devil’s heinous laugh, saying to me, “You poor dim-witted idiot, look at what I have that belongs to you.” I now realize the goal of the enemy is to keep me in debt to the world’s system of finance. The more broke, busted, and disgusted I become; the happier he is.

Tithing is one of the main building blocks God uses to build His kingdom upon the earth, and he uses the tithes, gifts, and offerings people give to meet not only the needs of the local church, but also the needs of God’s people around the world. When I refuse to tithe or don’t give the whole tithe; I am not only preventing God from blessing me in the manner He desires, but I am actually fighting against God and helping the enemy restrict the growth of God’s kingdom.

I learned today that how much we receive from God is directly proportionate to how much we are willing to give Him. For example, if the farmer gives nothing to the soil, he cannot expect to reap anything come harvest time. If the employee gives nothing to his job in the form of work energy, he doesn’t have the right to expect a pay check on pay day. If we are not willing to even give a little bit of our income to the Lord in the form of tithes, gifts and offerings for the expansion of His kingdom, why do we think we are entitled to a blessing when we need a blessing? God can’t bless what we won’t give;  just like the ground can’t produce a harvest when we have planted nothing.  The Lord said in the book of Malachi to ‘test Him’ in the area of tithing. He said in chapter three that if we would bring all the tithe into the store house (the modern day church) He would open the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing so great – that our house wouldn’t be able to hold it. DThrash



  1. Great Post.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. This site rocks!

  3. Thank you, Bill. These entries are from my 2006 journal and were written during a most difficult time in my life. I have learned when we are in trouble the Lord never stops talking to us through His Word if we are willing to listen to what it says to us and try to implement it into our daily life. DThrash

  4. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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