Wisdom and Fools

Monday, June 19, 2006

I prayed for years asking God to make me a wise man and one day just before Sunday School class I was thumbing through my bible and came across a scripture in Ecclesiastes chapter 7 verse 4 “The heart of the wise is in the house of the mourning. But the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.” It was then that I realized the Lord was showing me what real wisdom is and what I thought to be wisdom was really nothing more than foolish thinking on my part.

Wisdom does not come from learning how to make more money to buy more stuff to make us feel more at ease. Owning many possessions does not make a man wise, nor do our possessions make us more comfortable because the more stuff we own, the more time it takes to look after those possessions, and the more time we spend looking after our possessions the more tired we become. The pursuit of possessions is a never ending cycle driven by a need for a person to feel safe and secure. The only thing wrong with that kind of thinking is concrete, steel and brick will not keep the enemy from taking our possessions because the enemy we are dealing with is a spiritual being who is far wiser in the ways of the world than any of us. He uses the pursuit of material possessions to steal the allotted time on earth God gave each of us to perform His work. The wise man pursues the things of God in the time allotted while the fool squanders that time in the pursuit of material possessions he can’t take with him when he dies. Jesus makes this exceptionally clear in Matthew 6:24 “You cannot serve God and mammon.” You can only serve one or the other, but not both.

Now let us read again what King Solomon said about wisdom. “The heart of the wise is in the house of the mourning.” Solomon is telling us ‘True Wisdom’ is possessing the ability to see the needs of hurting people through the eyes of God and moving to do something about their pain. And if we truly take a good look around us, we will surely see plenty of people who need God to perform a miracle in their life. I, like most Christians have been blinded to the needs of others most of my life. The only person I really thought about was myself; and in the process of helping myself have a good time, I hurt the very people I loved the most.

Another piece of wisdom that is hard to understand and is closely tied into helping needy people is the understanding of why God desires we tithe. I have tithed for years, but I never really understood the reason for tithing. I tithed because the Word said to tithe. I tithed always expecting to receive a monetary reward. But somewhere along the line I began to realize that I am God’s tithe to the community in which I live. If I make my life a living sacrifice unto the Lord, He will then be able to use my offering to meet the needs of others in my community or wherever He might choose to use it. If I give my money but not myself, I really haven’t given the Lord anything. He doesn’t need my money to meet the needs of people, but I should make the tithing of my money a part of the living sacrifice I offer to the Lord. Then and only then will I learn to move in wisdom and compassion as Jesus did to help the less fortunate.  DThrash


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