Children, Do You Have Any Food?

Saturday, July 8, 2006

If you are like me you have toiled many a long hour hoping for a break through in some endeavor only to come up short of your expectations. And we are not the only people who has worked hard and struggled long only to come up empty handed, tired, broke, and disgusted. In John 21:5, Jesus asked His disciples after they had toiled all night trying to catch some fish, “Children, do you have any food?” They answered Him, “No.”

The question Jesus asked His disciples on the shores of Galilee that morning could very well apply to any need we have in our life. He asked them, “If they had any food.” or “Was your night of fishing a successful one?” He already knew they had not caught so much as an old sandal for their night long effort. So He cut to the heart of the matter with them,”Do you have any food?” or “Was it worth the effort?” Their answer was, “No.” And with this question He could just as easily be asking us today, “Children, do you have money, clothes, shelter, etc.,” or “Was it worth the effort you put into pursuing these things on your own?” His answer to the disciples was a simple one, “Cast your net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” The disciples did as directed even though they had toiled all night and caught nothing; and in return for their faithfulness their nets were filled with fish, so full in fact they had a difficult time dragging them to shore where they found Jesus had already prepared for them a meal to strengthen their famished bodies.

Jesus knew exactly where His disciples were and what their condition was at the time. He also knows where we are and what we are doing as well, and has an answer for our immediate problem just as He had a breakfast prepared for them on that day. He knows where we all are spiritually. He knew His disciples were having a hard time dealing with His death and departure. He appeared to them whey they were deeply troubled just as He always had when He was alive. He reaffirmed their faith by performing a miracle in their behalf; and He is still in the miracle working business today. He knows exactly where I am, and he knows exactly where you are, and what we need for our faith to be shored up. He is saying the same thing to us today as He said to the disciples 2000 years ago, “Don, (insert your name here) _________________ do you have any money or whatever your need might be?” My answer is almost the same as the disciples answer in the story, “No, not enough.” He is saying to me, “Do as I direct you, and you will get some.” I cannot see the return I need with my natural eyes, but neither could the disciples see their nets loaded with fish that morning until they acted upon His instruction and cast their nets on the right side of the boat. When we follow the instructions of the Lord, we can expect a net full of whatever we need.

Jesus knew where His disciples were that morning. Even though they had slipped back into their old ways of doing things, He hadn’t given up on them. Most of these men were fishermen and had returned to the sea to make a living, but Jesus had said to them three years earlier, “I will make you fishers of men.” What has He promised to make us? He never forgot His promise to them and He will not forget His promise to us. He intended to fulfill that promise in their lives, and He intends to fulfill His promise in our lives. They would have to return to Him and give up the sea, and we will have to return to Him from wherever we are if we want to see the full blessing of Him on our life just as they did on that day on the shores of Galilee.  DThrash


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