God is in The Soul Saving Business

Thursday, July 6, 2006

God will not ask my children, my wife, nor anyone else why I didn’t fulfill His purpose for my life. He will ask me because I am the person who stands in His way of accomplishing what He wants to accomplish in and through me in this world. If I yield to Him, I will accomplish His goals. If I do not, I am the one blocking Him, and for that, I must be ready to give an answer.

I, personally, do not believe He saved me or anyone else just to enjoy His blessings and never be a help to anyone. I believe we are rescued to be a witness of His goodness in a lost and dying world. Giving anything less than 100% of our effort to that mission and we become a hindrance and not a blessing because God cares more about the souls of men than He does about what church we attend or how often we go. He is in the soul saving business, and that should become the number one priority of the modern day church. 2 Peter 3:9 states; (My paraphrase) “The desire of the Lord is that all men would be saved, and that none should perish.” Unfortunately, many people are perishing daily because we, who call ourselves Christians are not sharing the love of Christ with the unsaved, nor are we exemplifying Christ before them in a lost world in need of hope. For that we all must be prepared to give an answer. DThrash


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