Blessings and Curses

Journal entry: July 10th, 2006 5:30 PM

People are drawn to the supernatural and they seem to be fascinated with the occult and the dark side of life more so than they are with the works of God because they are more conscious of sin and the enjoyments of it than they are of holiness. They know there is a spiritual world, but they are not sure who controls that world and they are not sure if they are accountable to the one in charge. From all appearances it would appear Satan is in charge because of the mess we see around us; but God tells us Satan is only a rebellious angel who has been sentenced to eternal hell and is nothing more than a piece of sand paper He uses to smooth the rough edges off of His children.

Because God has a blessing and a curse attached to His Word, what we are presently receiving in life tells us whether we are blessed or cursed. If a person’s life is a living hell; they already know the cursed one is working in their life carrying out the sentence that comes from breaking God’s commandments. Mankind’s own system of law is a replicate of God’s system. We know if we obey the law we remain free; but if we break mans law, we go to jail. Once in jail, a judge determines the jail time we receive and the police carry out the punishment. It isn’t too hard to figure out; going to jail is the curse side of our law system.

When you think about it; life is really pretty simple: if I obey God’s Word I receive God’s blessing, and if I rebel against God’s Word the devil who is cursed is loosed into my situation. God is the author of all that is good and the devil is allowed to work in the lives of people who are rebellious. If I ask God’s forgiveness for breaking His commandments, all is forgiven, my relationship with Him is restored, I can continue on with my walk with Him as a law abiding citizen of heaven as though no law or commandment was ever broken. But if I refuse to ask for His forgiveness for violating His commands; the law that once blessed and protected me from the curse will loose the cursed one to start destroying the very things I desire most.

When a person comes under attack by the devil he is almost always attacked in his health, or his finances, or in his mind, unless the devil can dupe them into committing a thoughtless act where he can take a life. Therefore, our health, our wealth and our intelligence should be at the top of the list of the most important things in our life and more tightly guarded than Fort Knox. But that is hardly the case because man in pursuit of happiness abuses the very things that should be the most important to him. Why? Because he thinks he is going to live forever. But when the abuse starts to catch up to him; only then is he sorry he didn’t do a better job of protecting those things most important to him. For most people, when these things are gone they are gone forever. For the few people who understand God’s Word has both a blessing and a curse attached to it and seek His forgiveness for their rebellious acts; God will loose the blessing into his life once again and that person will receive as much of that blessing as his faith will allow him to receive. For some people it is a total restoration, but for others their faith will only allow them to receive a portion. But however much we have faith to receive is better than living our whole life under the curse. DThrash


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