Evil in the Garden (Part three)

Journal entry: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some four thousand years after the fall of Adam, Jesus, the Word of God, the Son of God was sent to earth to fulfill the role Adam failed in and restore unto man all of the blessings Adam enjoyed in the Garden of Eden before his fall from grace. As we all know, the majority of men living on the earth today do not serve the Lord in any capacity, therefore it is easy to assume most men do not understand why Jesus was sent to earth, or why He had to die before the blessing that was upon Adam before his fall could be restored. And the worse mistake men make is they do not take the time to try and understand what God restored to man as a result of the life and death of Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory. God never removed His blessings from mankind after Adam fell, mankind removed himself from the blessings of God when he sinned and cut off his line of communication with the Lord God. The bible tells us in Romans 11:29, “The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable” Or in other words, God does not remove what He has blessed us with; we move away from the blessings as Adam did when he sinned.

In order for our line of communication with the Lord God to be reopened; someone like Adam before the fall had to fulfill Adam’s original mandate. The person chosen for that task was the Word of God, whom God the Father called Son. He was sent to earth in human form and given the name of Jesus so man could not only see Him, they could touch Him, and view the goodness of God toward mankind firsthand. Jesus was born as a sacrificial lamb unto God for the sins of man.  He not only died for Adam failures that allowed evil to reign from Adam to the death of Christ, but for each person that would be born after His visit to earth. God allowed His Son Jesus Christ to die so man could have knowledge and access to the blessings of God  just as Adam had in the Garden of Eden. When Adam sinned, the Lord God judged Adam’s rebellion instantly, and he, along with Eve, was driven out of the garden and prevented from ever entering it again. And it is our rebellion that prevents us from being partakers of the blessings of God that are present on the earth today. DThrash.


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