Evil in the Garden (Part Two)

Journal entry: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All God asked of Adam and all He asks of us is to recognize His lordship over creation and that everything in it belongs to Him. Adam had it made in the garden; he could do in it what he pleased, except eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But Adam had a weak moment one day like we all do and started thinking the garden belonged to him instead of the One who let him live there rent free. Adam’s problems began when he started hanging out with a serpent in the garden who had evil intentions. The bible tells us the serpent was one sharp cookie. He was smarter than the other animals in the garden and this caught the attention of Adam. S0meone with Adam’s intelligence needed someone he could carry on a conversation with that was on his level and none of the other animals had that ability. And as any good con man will do; the conversations the serpent had with Adam centered around the one thing in the garden Adam couldn’t have; the fruit on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When Adam listened to the voice of the serpent telling him, “God was keeping something from him.” He begin to entertain the idea that maybe the Lord God was not being completely truthful with him; and when anyone entertains those kinds of ideas, they are putting themselves in a spot to be taken advantage of. The truth is: God wasn’t withholding anything from Adam. He gave Adam the best He had, and He isn’t withholding anything from us either. Adam allowed evil to stay in the garden because he wanted more, and evil is allowed to stay in our lives for the same reason. The Lord God had warned Adam what would happen if he ate of the tree, but Adam didn’t understand what the word death meant. At this time nothing ever died so Adam was completely ignorant concerning the consequences of his action. And we ignore God’s warnings because we, too, are ignorant of the consequences of our actions because we do not understand hell is a real place or what it will be like once we reach there. But Adam soon learned what it meant to die spiritually and be separated from the Lord God who had provided everything for him free of charge; to be forced out of his beloved garden and not allowed to return; and to have to earn his living from that point forward by the sweat of his brow; and so we will come to understand what hell is like if we don’t learn to obey the commands of the Lord instead of rebelling against them.

At any time Adam could have commanded the serpent with his lies and evil schemes to leave the garden and he would have left because earth was Adam’s domain; not the serpent’s. But Adam enjoyed the conversations and the time he spent with the serpent, and as a result of his conversations the serpent conned Adam out of his domain and made slaves of him and all of his descendants that followed thereafter.  And it is readily apparent today man enjoys the time he spends conversing with the devil, and Satan who was the serpent in the garden that conned Adam out of his domain is still conning people out of their God given blessings today.  When we do not understand how dangerous the time we spend conversing with the devil is to our relationship with the Lord we are going to get taken. It cost Adam everything he held dear, and it will cost us the same. Adam didn’t feel threatened by the serpent at any time during these conversations because the serpent was under Adam’s authority. That is until Adam broke God’s commandment to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and cut off his line of communication with His Father. As a result of Adam’s rebellious act unsaved man still does not have an open line of communication with the Lord until he ask for forgiveness for his sins against Him. DThrash


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