Evil in the Garden (Part 7)

Journal Entry: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

There are a couple of statements in the story of the fall of man found in the Book of Genesis that I have given a great deal of thought to. One is found in the statement; “You shall surely die” and; “Who told you that you were naked?” In the first statement God issued a warning to Adam that if he disobeyed His command to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he would die. Adam could not have understood the term ‘die’ because nothing in the Garden of Eden died.  So death was a foreign word to Adam. Since the word, ‘die’ was foreign and not in evidence; I wonder why Adam didn’t ask God for the translation of the word before he committed a dumb act. We are familiar with the term ‘heaven’, but we do not understand the true meaning of the word because we have not experienced it. We conjure up ideas of what we think heaven must be like based upon scripture, but we do not know for certainty what awaits us there anymore than Adam had understanding of the word ‘die’ and what all it entailed.

Also Adam and Eve’s covering of purity or innocence did not allow them to view each other as being naked or unclothed. They only saw each other as being in the pure state in which they were created. Plus the fact; there were no other people in the garden who wore clothes to differentiate between those who wore no clothing and those who did. And every animal in the garden was in their natural state of creation; so for Adam to hear God use words unfamiliar to him such as ‘die’ and ‘naked’ must have baffled him.

The bible tells us Adam lived for nine hundred and thirty years after he committed treason against God and signed over his rights to the earth to God’s rebel servant, Satan. And in a feeble attempt to cover up his nakedness, he made a fig loin cloth. If Adam was aware at this time that he was still in the same dress as all the other animals; why did he attempt to cover himself and Eve up with fig leaves? I have come to the conclusion that Adam and Eve were very much aware of the fact they had lost their pure state and the covering of grace God had provided for them had been lifted; and the fig leaf loin cloths they made were their feeble attempt to make another covering to replace the one they had lost.

I have also thought about the relationship between Adam and the serpent. I wrote that Adam did not feel threatened by the serpent for two reasons. One, the serpent crawled on his belly, and two, there were other serpents in the garden. However, this particular serpent should have set off an alarm in Adam’s spirit man because this particular serpent stood out from everything else in the garden. And when something stands out from everything else around us; we need to start asking the question, “Why?”  For example; why was this serpent more intelligent than all the other animals in the garden?  And why did he spend so much time hanging around and talking to Eve instead of talking to Adam?  And, why was he hanging out in the tree of knowledge of good and evil instead of one of the other trees in the garden?  And why was he questioning God’s warning about the dangers of eating the fruit from this particular tree? Adam missed all these warning signs; and it cost him his beautiful home, his job security, and caused him and Eve to become exiles from the place they called ‘home’.

I know Adam was aware of the intelligence of the serpent and that he was talking to Eve throughout the day; so I wonder why Adam allowed this conduct to carry on. If Adam was out tending the garden, why was Eve not busy doing her chores instead of talking to an intelligent serpent that crawled around the garden on his belly? And, why didn’t Eve tell Adam about the content of the serpents suggestions? Adam was either a very trusting person because he was the lord over the earth and all that it contained, or he was a very naive person. Both of these attributes can get a person in trouble, and especially so if we do not question why something so completely different from everything else around us suddenly shows up in our life. That is when we have to step back, watch what that person does, and then make a determination based upon what they are suggesting and doing as to whether or not they are on the up and up. Adam missed all these signs and lost everything he had. My prayer is that even though I use less brain power than Adam had; I am smart enough to pay close attention to what is going on around me. DThrash


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  1. Hey, this is an interesting point, i think there are a lot of things to discuss in the future…

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