Evil in the Garden (Part Ten)

God requires man to repent of his sins because every sin man commits is a crime, and every crime is a violation of God’s law that forbids us from doing something that will harm our relationship with Him or another person. In Acts 5:3&4 the bible gives us an illustration of the dangers of lying which is the chief weapon Satan uses to deceive God’s children. Once a person has been deceived by Satan; they can be talked into handing over to him their God given rights and privileges to their possessions. Satan didn’t have the authority to outright overpower Adam in the Garden of Eden, and he doesn’t have the authority to overpower us today either. He is limited to lying and scheming to get his work done in the earth, just as he was in the Garden of Eden. Eve fell for the serpent’s lies, hook, line, and sinker, and was able to get Adam to go against his better judgment and join her in her folly and they lost everything they loved. They lost their home, their garden, and eventually their health because their bodies died. In order for any of this to take place they had to join forces with Satan before they could turn over to him the rights to their earthly domain. Satan didn’t take it from them forcibly; they gave their domain to him voluntarily because they believed his lies. And, today, mankind has to voluntarily join forces with Satan just like Adam and Eve did before he can talk us into doing his evil works in the earth. I know it sounds kind of silly to think we would actually aid our enemy in taking away our health, our wealth, and our sound minds, but that is exactly what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden and it is precisely what we do today.

Satan is not a god. He is a lowly angel who was created to be a servant of God and man. (Hebrews 1:14) He rebelled against God and God judged him and tossed him out of heaven. Therefore, he has no estate of his own, no place to call home. And he is powerless to do anything in heaven or on earth unless he can con man into helping him carry out his evil plans. And the man who helps him destroy God’s property will pay the price for their rebellious acts just as Adam and Eve did in the beginning. Satan, aka, the serpent, had no need of the earth when he conned Adam out of the rights to it. And it means nothing to him today; because it is nothing more than a piece of rock; but for him to have the ability to control the lives of men who inhabit earth, and who are God’s crowning achievement in all of creation; means a great deal to him. If he can talk us into assisting him in the destruction of our life, or the lives of other people; he has won a great victory. His victory is great because God loves mankind whom He calls; ‘the apple of His eye’. And when one man helps Satan to destroy the lives of other men, he commits a great crime not only against God who loves him, but the person against whom the act is committed. (See the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis chapter 4) Therefore, it is important for us to understand that everything in life hinges on the actions of man. Men love to make excuses for the stupid things they do; excuses such as, “The devil made me do it.” No, the devil can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. We have to choose to do what we do. Eve tried this same excuse on God back in the garden, but God didn’t buy it then, and He doesn’t by it today. God knows Satan planted the idea in our head; and if we follow through on Satan’s idea, God also knows we voluntarily committed the act and holds us accountable for that action. However, if we do nothing to help Satan carry out his evil plans; he can do nothing; and we are guiltless in God’s eyes. DThrash


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