What does the Lord require of you?

People fear if they serve God they will have to give up a bunch of stuff they like to do. They figure all He has for them is a list of do’s and dont’s to live by. That is not true. His desire is for us to do things the right way and for the right reasons because they will not only benefit us, but our neighbors as well. Does this seem like a hard thing to do? Most people deep down in their hearts want to help other people, but they don’t think they have the understanding or the resources to do that all the time. So they don’t do anything at all. In both cases this kind of thinking is wrong. If people really understood who God is they would bend over backwards to let Him shape their lives. Many people imitate other people and pretend to be someone else because they are so unhappy with their own life. They fail to realize the people they are imitating have just as many problems as they do, and in some cases the problems of the people they are imitating are more serious than their own. Then there are other people who dislike their life so much they turn to drugs, sex and alcohol because these vices change their personalities for awhile, but when they wake up they are the same person they were before they indulged in their vices.

If we desire to be like someone else because we are not happy with our life, or we don’t like who we are; why don’t we choose someone who is perfect, all powerful, all knowing, present everywhere, and before whom every knee in creation is going to bow one day? Since most people don’t know who God is or what He requires of man to have a relationship with Him; let us look at a question in the bible that ask; “What does the Lord require of thee, O Man?” and the second half of the question gives us the answer to that question “but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God?” This answer is anything but a list of rules. Is this not what we ask of our children; and when they do these things are we not proud of them? I am. What exactly is this bible question asking? Simply that we do the things we have been taught to do and do them for the right reasons; and not because we have to, but because we want to. And to love other people as we love ourselves and to recognize that God is who He says He is and to give Him the respect He deserves. When we do these things our heavenly Father will give us the desires of our heart. Aren’t we all looking for the desire of our heart to be fulfilled? The problem is most people are looking for the fulfillment of their desires in the wrong places. And when people think their chance to fufill their desires has passed them by, they give up. As with any parent; when we do things for the right reasons we won’t have to ask God for His blessings, He will bless us because He is glad for us and because we are exemplifying His goodness in a hurting world. The bible tells us, “When our ways please the Lord; we won’t have to go looking for the desires of our heart to be filled, they will come looking for us.” (My paraphrase) DThrash


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