Comments on Tithing Misunderstood Parts One and Two

It would appear I struck a nerve with some of those who have an opposing view of the first two parts of my series on Tithing Misunderstood (Parts One and Two). I can only imagine the number of negative comments I will receive after they read parts Three and Four. I would have posted their comments on the first two parts, but not only are they long, they contained the same old tired arguments you can read on any of their websites. You would think they are the only people on the net with a view of tithing. And I am always surprised how quickly someone who is wrong will come to defend their position. If they were right, it wouldn’t matter because you don’t have to defend the truth. You just have to say it and it stirs up quite a mess. I don’t happen to hold a doctorate of tithing theology as they apparently do, but I am in good company; neither did Jesus hold a doctorate of law from the Jerusalem School of Theology, and He unashamedly shared His thoughts with those who wanted a view other than what the Pharisee’s were telling the people. I admit I could have made myself more clear by separating my ideas on the Ten Commandments from the numerous ordinances contained within the law, but I didn’t. And I could have been more clear in making a distinction between the Old Testament Jews and the modern day Gentile church, but I wasn’t. I guess I assumed poeople would make the connection, but I should have known the Pharisaical people of the modern day church who are sticklers for the letter of the law, but have no discerning spirit of the intent of the law would understand. DThrash



  1. Tea

    Nice post. Thank You for taking the time to share your view with us.

  2. I’m adding your blog’s rss feed so that I can see your new posts. Keep up the good work!

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