Tithing Misunderstood (Part Two)

God’s purpose for instituting the tithe was so much more than giving a commandment to the Israelites to get a part of their income. Thinking such as this is pure foolishness, but you hear it all the time from well meaning people in the church. God has no need of our material things because God is a Spirit, but man needs such things because he lives in a fleshly body that draws its nourishment from natural products produced on earth and lives in a shelter that comes loaded with amenities and utilizes electric, water, and gas utilities to make our life more comfortable. The church has the same needs as our home. It takes money to operate a home and it takes money to operate God’s meeting place. It takes money to meet our personal needs and it takes money to meet the needs of the people God wants to help. God knew people are by nature selfish creatures and if left to themselves they would become hoarders and pack rats lest one day they find themselves without a means to support themselves. So to combat our selfish natures God instituted the tithe and commanded us to pay it to the local church so we could overcome our fear of being without and He could bless us to the extent we would let Him.

When people won’t tithe; God cannot bless them because the amount of blessings one receives from God is directly proportionate to the amount they give to God. And when people don’t tithe; those people who would have been blessed by our tithe will not receive the blessing God wanted to bestow upon them. When the farmer doesn’t plant his crops; a small portion of the world goes hungry. Mulitiply that by a thousand farmers and we have a much larger portion of the world population going hungry. It’s the same with the church and their tithing. When we don’t tithe; people who could have been helped will not be helped. And as a result of the selfishness of the church we have a world full of people dying from every malady known to man because people opt to keep what God has blessed them with rather than give back to Him just a small portion of what they received. But, yet those same people will tell you God is going to reward them in the sweet bye and bye even though there are tens of thousands of people dying every day because most people won’t share even a small portion of what they have been blessed with.

When we fail to do what we have been commanded: people die. And when people die who could have been helped, but their help was withheld from them, God will hold the person withholding their help accountable for the death of that person in need. We may not think about what happens to other people when we fail to do something God has commanded us to do; but God does because He loves them just as much as He loves us; and their soul is just as valuable to Him as ours. And one day we will all stand before Him to be judged for the life we lived; He will ask each of us, “Why didn’t you help those hurting people when you had the opportunity?” You knew their condition, but you did nothing. The church has a lot of blood on its hands for which it will be held accountable; and the excuse, “I didn’t know; will come back to haunt us.” The sad truth is; we know we are our brothers keeper, but we don’t love them enough to help them.

Please stay with me as I continue this blog on Tithing Misunderstood in Part Three. In Part Three I answer the questions; Did Adam tithe? Did God tithe? And what is our tithe? DThrash


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