Tithing Misunderstood (Part Three)

I believe the biggest problem people have with tithing is they do not understand the reason why God instituted it. Tithing isn’t about supporting the local church, temple, or some television ministry. Tithing is God’s measuring stick by which He measures the honesty of man. God doesn’t need our money. He can do anything He likes. And Jesus proved this when He turned water into wine, walked on the sea, calmed the storm, healed the sick, delivered the demon possessed and raised the dead. But we need to tithe to prove we are trustworthy, honest, and sincere in our relationship with the Lord. He doesn’t demand we keep our hands off of everything He gives us. He only ask that we separate out for Him a small percentage of what He has given us and the rest is ours to do with what we want. But most people are not honest and they are not trustworthy enough to do even that. Statistics say that fewer than twenty percent of church-goers tithe their full portion. As for the rest; a large majority of them give nothing, some give five bucks, some ten, and some a twenty every now and then. But, that will not expand the kingdom of God very far, much less pay the upkeep on the building they worship in and pay the minster and his staff. My guess is most people figure what belongs to God is theirs and the rest belongs to them. But God doesn’t look at things the way man views them and He certainly doesn’t think we are funny when people die by the tens of thousands everyday because we won’t share with those who have nothing. I study people and one thing I have noticed about people who pay their tithes; they are the most giving and happy people I know. And those who don’t; give even less of their time, and their gifts, and are the most unhappy people with the most problems of anyone in the church. I wonder why that is?

When God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden; He placed there a tree He called the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’. This tree belonged to God. And He placed the tree there as Adam’s tithe to Him. Adam could partake of all the other trees in the garden, but he was not to touch this particular tree. God made it clear to Adam when He put him in the garden; if he disobeyed God’s command to not eat of this tree; he would die. Even though Adam and Eve were perfect they could still be tempted and this temptation by the Serpent was a test of their honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty to God. Like most people, they failed miserably and God kicked them out of the garden because they couldn’t keep their hands off what belonged to Him.

God gave Adam the best He had, but He had to withdraw His best after Adam stole from Him when he ate the fruit from God’s tree without God’s permission. Seems trivial doesn’t it? But it proves God cannot bestow upon most people the best He has for them because most people can’t be trusted to do the right thing with the little bit they’ve been given. Adam was perfect and he failed God’s honesty test, and why do we as fallen man think we are more trustworthy than Adam?

It is of particular interest to me that the only thing God asked of Adam was to leave this one particular tree alone; and about all He asks of us is to keep our hands off our tithe that belongs to Him. If Adam had been honest and trustworthy; the thought of eating the fruit of the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’ would never have entered his mind. And if we are honest and trustworthy; we will tithe our full portion. But, if we are not honest, we will spend God’s part and never give it a second thought. It is also of particular interest that after Adam stole from God, he had to make a living by the sweat of his brow. And, when we, the children of God, steal from God, we, too, struggle to make ends meet.

In Part Four of this blog series on ‘Tithing Misunderstood’; I will answer the question, “Did God tithe?” DThrash


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  1. blissbait

    The only problem I ever had with tithing were churches that insisted it wasn’t tithing unless you gave it to them. Charaties and non-profit organizations didn’t count. I actually sat in a church where the preacher drove a brand new Jaguar, wore REALLY nice clothing, and would go on and on during the sermon about how her house (personal home) was being redone and all the spiritual lessons she was learning about patience, etc. It was the twilight zone. I’d rather give my money to ‘Project Angel Food’ or ‘Save the Children’ or ‘Greenpeace’ than to help make a preacher’s home currently fashionable. I’ve a feeling that’s what a lot of other people run into, and perhaps why tithing gets a bewildered vibe and a bad name.

    Your post was interesting. Thank You.

    May All Beings Be Happy.

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