Tithing Misunderstood Addendum 2

Continued from Addendum 1

When Adam was created God dealt with him on a spiritual level. After sin came into the earth God could no longer deal with man on a spiritual level because man now had a sin consciousness or he was not conscious of the presence of God as Adam had been in the beginning. The Old Testament Law was given to direct men without a God consciousness in how to receive God’s blessings on their lives. And to combat the selfish nature of man God instituted tithing, or He required His people to give a tenth of their goods to support His priest and His tabernacle, and later His temple. After the death of Jesus the body of the born again believer became the temple of God and the rules that Jesus laid out in Matthew chapters 22 and 7 took precedence over the Old Testament laws that governed natural man under the old covenant. Every action of man whether it was under the Old Testament or by the New Testament believer was a spiritual interaction since both God and man are spiritual beings. But in the New Testament our spiritual interaction between God and man, and man to man, is under the direction of the Holy Spirit of God who came to live inside our temple (body) to give us direction, to teach us God’s ways, and to be our comforter in times of trouble just as God did from His earthly temple in Jerusalem for the Jews. It is with that thought in mind that we need to understand that the physical presentation of our material possessions to God or to man is in reality a spiritual act in which God looks at our heart (spirit) to see if our presentation comes with an ulterior motive attached to it, or if we are making the presentation with pure motives. If it isn’t given freely, our presentation is rejected. He tells us everything we receive from Him cost us nothing. So in return, we are to freely give. That means that whatever we present to God or to man does not come with strings or conditons attached to it.

Now those who have opposed my writings say tithing is no longer required because we are now givers under the New Testament guidlines as laid out by Jesus in Luke chapter six. I wholeheartedly agree we are to be givers. But by whatever name you call it – whether we call it tithing the tenth or giving an even greater amount we are still required to share with God’s body and those who are without means to support themselves a portion of our goods. I made a statement a couple of days ago that stated that fewer than twenty percent of the church going people give ten percent of their income. Actually I heard that same day, that number is really three percent. If only three percent of God’s people can afford to give ten percent and above of their income to support the work of God and further His kingdom upon this earth; what is the other 97 percent of Christians doing with the blessings God has bestowed upon them? Could it be they are turning the blessings He gave them over to the world through the pursuit of pleasure and entertainment, who in turn uses the Christians blessings to fight against God and to hold His advancing kingdom at bay? I find being a business owner that people have money or can come up with the money for the things they want to do, but very seldom do they have money for things that are important to other people. I also attend church on a regular basis and from time to time the pastor gives a state of the church report in which it is stated – about 30% of the people attending church actually support the church financially, and the other 70% keep their money to do what they want. Yet we are building because the Lord is blessings despite their lack of support. I was surprised to learn that even though only thirty percent of our church members give anything to the Lord and His work, that percentage number is ten times higher than the national average. God is truly amazing. If He could feed some twenty thousand hungry people with a little boy’s lunch, I guess He can build His kingdom on the meager amount His people give toward His work. God doesn’t need our money. He needs our heart working in conjunction with His. But if we don’t give Him control of the money He gives us; we haven’t given Him control of our heart either. DThrash


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  1. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site. 🙂

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