Who are you to judge me?

Jesus said, “It is not I that am doing the works that you see, but my Father who lives in me, it is He who is doing the work.” The first chapter of the gospel of John tells us that Jesus was the Word of God who came in the flesh and walked upon the earth as a man. But Jesus clearly states He was the Son of Man, thus making a distinction between who He was before He came to earth, and who He was while on the earth. He truly was the Son of God, but the works He did on earth, He did as a man. A man who was a clean vessel who God the Father could work through to show us what God could do on earth if we would allow Him to clean us up so He could work through us. Many men and women since the day Jesus walked the earth have seen this truth and allowed God to use them to do what we call ‘great things’ for God. Oftentimes we credit the men and women for doing these great works, but it was really God working through them that did the works as Jesus stated. Physical man is way over matched in the spiritual realm and we can do nothing in and of ourselves, but God can do all things through us if we will allow Him to do so. Jesus said it was the Father working through Him who did the good works people saw. We can play the devil’s advocate here and say the opposite of that is true as well; we could say it is the devil working through evil men doing the evil works that  people see; and we would be correct in our assumption. The problem people have is most people don’t know who is doing what in the earth. That is how we have come to the point in our existence that we call evil good, and good evil. People don’t realize we are either a blessing to others, or we are blocking God from blessing those who need our help. Need I say when we block people from receiving God’s help who we are fighting against. When people block God from working through them; it is because of the selfishness in them, and all selfish people have made themselves judges. When we become a person who judge the people we refuse to help as being unworthy of receiving a blessing from God. God intervenes in the other person’s behalf. Some of the ways we stop God from blessing other people are; we simply don’t visit the sick, the poor, or the widow, and we don’t give or support our local church. When the preacher preaches a message we don’t like; we leave that church and go to another church thinking it will be more to our liking. If the truth is being preached in your church regardless of what denomination you belong to; you should be offended from time to time because none of us are perfect and we make mistakes. God has given us freedom of choice. If we are not comfortable in one place we should move on to another, but the last place in life a person wants to be found is where we have set ourselves up as a judge of God’s people. Jesus said, “Freely we have received, freely give.” He said this because everything we receive in life that is good was given to us by a loving God who loved us enough to provide for us. And everything we receive from Him is to be used for His glory that others may be blessed by the God we serve. DThrash


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