God’s Multiplying Factor

God has placed within most everything that has life within it the ability to multiply according to a rate He Himself has predetermined. For example a grain of corn has within itself the ability to multiply about three hundred fold per ear of corn. And most corn plants will bear two or three ears of corn per plant. That would give that single grain of corn a multiplying factor between 600 and 900. That’s a pretty good return for each grain of corn that is planted. An acorn will bear a single plant that will live for over a hundred years and bear multiple thousands of acorns a year for most of those years. The acorn multiplies at an even better rate than the grain of corn. Now if we look at what Jesus did with two fish and seven small loaves of bread; we can see how God’s Mulitplying Factor works. The little boy gave his lunch to the disciples of Jesus, who in turn gave it to the Lord, who took it, blessed it, broke it, gave it back to the disciples for distribution, and fed about twenty thousand people from that little boys lunch. When the meal was over Jesus told His disciples to take up the left over’s so none would be lost. This amounted to twelve baskets full of fish and bread the little boy took home to his family. This was the little boys return on the two fish and the seven loaves of bread he donated to the Lord to help his hungry fellow Jews.

Most Christians today would have left the minute Jesus began to break the fish and bread thinking He was going to eat it Himself. Isn’t that the way we think when we put five dollars more in the offering plate than we meant to? Do we not understand that what we give is given to the Lord regardless of who’s hands receives it. He is the one who put the mulitplying factor into our giving and as long as it is given from a pure heart that multiplying factor is going to work in our behalf if we don’t walk away thinking, “We just lost that money.” The little boy was the recipient of the twelve baskets full as a return on his donation to the Lord, but if he had left before the Lord finished blessing it and feeding the hungry, the little boy would have went home hungry. And that is the place where we find most Christians today. Going home hungry because they don’t understand God’s Multiplying Factor and the process it undergoes before we receive our return. Corn is a one hundred and twenty day crop. The acorn takes years before it bears its first acorn, but they both produce at the apporpriate time and at the appropriate rate the Lord has determined; and the person who is faithful to wait for his harvest; receives. While the impatient one goes away empty handed. That’s why a lot of people in the church don’t tithe, and a lot more don’t give anything at all. They think if they give to the church their money is lost. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s what the devil wants God’s people to think. He wants to see the church, hungry, depressed, and disgusted. Those things could be avoided if we would only read God’s Word. He hasn’t hidden anything from us. We get into trouble because we don’t know the basics of God’s principles because we don’t hunger for the truth like we do material things. We understand how most things work in the natural, but we have trouble understanding that what we are looking at in the natural is there to help us understand spiritual matters. If it were not so Jesus would not have used natural things to explain heavenly principles. If He used them and He did; He did so for a reason and we would do well to apply those teaching to our lives if we want to prosper and be productive citizens of God’s kingdom. Understand; that even we have a multiplying factor inside us that will multiply both naturally and spiritually if we apply ourselves to multiplying. If not, we are left alone, childess, and without one soul saved for the kingdom. DThrash


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