The Christian and His Money

I have written blogs on many different Christian subjects since I started writing on WordPress back in July, but the subject that has drawn more attention than any others are those blogs in which I talk about Christians and their money. The subject of money really should be a non subject for a Christian. But I received more negative comments on that one particular subject than all of the others combined. Which leads me to believe people who call themselves Christians are more concerned about their money than they have a right to be. If we are truly the children of God; why are we concerned about the things of this world? Money makes the world go round, but it isn’t worth a wooden nickel in heaven. It will buy you whatever you want on earth, but it won’t get you anything in heaven. But people will steal, kill, and deceive to get the paper with some pictures and numbers drawn on it. If you want to build up your bank account on earth deposit your money in the bank, but if you want to build up your bank account in heaven, give your money away to help the poor, the widows, the hungry, and the naked. The bible teaches that we don’t own anything in this life because it all belongs to the creator who is so kind as to let us use as much of it as we need for as long as we have need of it. So I struggle with people who think that what is in their possession belongs to them. If we refuse to give of our material possessions; how are we spiritually? God gave, and He expects us to become givers. God own it all, we own nothing. God freely gives us whatever we need.  He does so becaue He loves us. The bible teaches that God is love and man is selfish. God teaches giving. Man teaches saving and investments. That is why a person must be born of the Spirit. When a person is born of the Spirit we are changed from being a selfish person into a giving person. If we are not a giving person; I question whether we have really been born of the Spirit. My personal belief is that it is impossible for a person to be a Christian and a greedy person. The two just don’t go together. Of course we can call ourselves whatever we like, but that doesn’t make us what we say we are. I could live in a garage and call myself a Chevy, but that doesn’t make me a car. And how many people would I fool if I went around saying such things? No one.  And how many people who call themselves Christians but love their money more than they love God; think they are fooling the non Christian? Most. And more importantly we are not fooling God who reads the intents and purposes of our heart. Giving and greed are polar opposites. Giving is from God and comes from the heart or spirit within man. Greediness is of the devil and is rooted in our fleshly sinful nature. So to say we are Christian and our desire is to keep our money makes us a liar. DThrash


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