The Jesus Question

Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do men say that, I, the Son of Man am?” And men have been asking each other this same question for the last two thousand years. It would suffice us to understand that anytime Jesus asked a question; we need to pay particular attention to it because it carries with it a life altering answer. This particular question is a question that each of us must be able to answer correctly. If we get it wrong and die; we will not get a second chance to get it right.

People have argued about who Jesus is since He set foot on earth. And there are many opposing views on this subject. Some say, He was a good man, others say He was a prophet, others say He was a teacher, but hardly any say, He is the Lord of Lord’s. The reason hardly any say He is the Lord of Lord’s is that information can only be revealed to us by the Spirit of God. Speculation won’t help us find the answer, man cannot give us the answer, books and magazines cannot give us the answer, only the Spirit of God can reveal unto us who Jesus is. And once we get the image of who Jesus is down on the inside of us: we will never let go of that life changing information because it transforms us from a sinful person into a saint of God. I have heard a thousand people say, “I’m just an old sinner saved by grace.” That statement really bugs me because it reeks of a lie from hell. As long as we think we are still a sinner, we have not closed the door to sin. We are not sinners; we are saints! We were an old sinner in our past life; but by grace, we died to sin. If we have been born again; we are saints, and we will always be saints in the eyes of our Father. I might say I was born into a family of thieves and that I was the son of a thief and I stole like all thieves do. I used to be a thief until I was adopted into the family of the Good Man. In my past life I was a thief until the Good Man had mercy on me. He told me, “He loved me,” and I believed Him; and now I have a brand new life with a brand new family. I no longer have a desire to steal. Because of the grace of the Good Man; I died to stealing. I have a new life and a new direction, and when my new father looks at me; He doesn’t see me as the thief I used to be; He only see’s me for what I am, the son of a Good Man. Praise God.

I believe most people will not give Jesus the recognition He deserves because they love their sin more than they want to go to heaven. I know it is hard to believe because almost everyone you meet will tell you they are going to heaven when they die, but the truth is not very many believe that Jesus is who He says He is. So they live the way they want here on earth and hope that God in His great love will forgive them for being rebels and allow them into heaven to spend eternity with those who were obedient and accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of their life. I don’t believe that will happen based upon what I know from reading the scriptures. God has a way for man to get to heaven and I don’t believe He is going to change His plan for those who live like the devil, but still expect to spend eternity with the God of justice who tells us, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one goes to the Father in heaven except through Him.” The reason I don’t believe they are going to heaven is a simple reason. Jesus came, died, and was resurrected to open the gate that allows those who believe He is who He says He is entrance into God’s kingdom. I don’t think God looks upon the death of His Son as a cheap ticket. Either we accept His way to get into heaven, or we don’t go. Since we can’t see heaven with our naked eye; He has made getting there as simple as He can. And only the people who don’t follow His instructions wind up in hell. And speaking naturally: There are only two reason why men don’t follow directions very well. One is; they think they know the way, or two, they are too prideful to look at the map and lay out a travel plan. We all know getting to an unfamiliar place we have never been before and isn’t on any map makes for a tiresome journey. And getting there from our starting point without getting lost is impossible unless we have specific directions from someone who is very familiar with the route to guide us there.

The story of Life is about what the Father did for man, and what man can do for the Father. Life is not about what man does for himself and thinks that will be good enough to get him to heaven. But you would be surprised at how many people think because they are a good person they are pleasing to the Father. The first commandment tells us, “We are to have no other gods before us.” God is to be First in everyone’s life. But the good man worships himself and what he does to please man. That won’t be good enough to get him beyond the gates of life on the day he dies. Jesus Christ is the central figure in life, and what He did for sinful man. Good people don’t look at themselves as being sinners, but all people are born sinners, and their sin separates them from their Creator. Therefore, man can not make himself good enough to be pleasing to a holy God because that person is tainted with sin, and sin cannot come into the presence of a holy God and live. So God doesn’t allow sin-tainted things to enter into His kingdom. That way He doesn’t have to kill it, or destroy it, but He does keep it separated from His presence. That place where separated things are kept is appropriately named hell: the place of torment. If you haven’t figured out who Jesus is by now; let me tell you plainly. He is the Son of God who died for the sins of the world including yours. If you make Him the Lord of your life and serve Him; you will go to heaven. But if not, you will go to hell as a rebel. God is so good, He lets us decide for ourselves where we want to spend eternity. He doesn’t force us to make a decision about our future. So when we get to the courtroom of heaven standing in front of the Eternal Judge of Life and He asked us about or eternal choice. We will be without excuse. DThrash


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