Beware! Christian Persecutor

Before Paul became an apostle, he was a Pharisee who worked for the religious establishment in Jerusalem. He persecuted the Christians unmercifully in and around Jerusalem and later he pursued them to other parts of Israel for the same purpose. Some he had flogged, some thrown in prison, and consented to the stoning death of Steven, an evangelist of God.

As you read the book of the Acts of the Apostles, you will see that Paul was stoned, beaten, thrown in prison, flogged, and left for dead during his missionary trips. Did these acts of punishment Paul suffer have anything to do with his persecution of the church before he became a Christian?

Pharoah, king of Egypt, who reigned during the time period Moses was born ordered the death of all of the newborn males of the Israelites. Later, God sent Moses to Pharoah with the message, “Let my people go!” Pharoah refused and all the first born males of the Egyptians died at the hand of the death angel. Did God punish Pharoah and the Egyptians for what Pharoah did to the male babies of the Israelites? Did the actions of Pharoah have anything to do with the death of the Egyptian firstborn males?

There is a verse of scripture that says, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” I believe this scripture is telling us that God is very protective of His children. If someone is persecuting them just because they are a Christian, that person or group of people are going to suffer the same kinds of things they inflict upon God’s children; only mulitplied. God chooses the level of punishment and the method with which His punishment is carried out. God will turn the evil around that people do to us so that in the end we are the blessed, and the one who did us evil will be put to shame. God tells us in His Word, “He will not be mocked,” And that goes double for His children. When people mock the children of God they are actually mocking God. He takes their foolish talk personally, and when you play with fire you are going to get burnt, and when you persecute God’s children, God has promised to repay you for the things you do to them.

I pray for our government leaders and our judicial system who seem to be hell bent on removing the Christian freedoms we once enjoyed and upon which this country was founded. In their attempt to turn this country into a heathenistic, godless society; they are trying to prevent God from blessing this country. It can’t be done and they have not quite figured out yet they cannot put God in a box and keep Him there.

On the night Jesus was born the inn keeper told His parents there wasn’t room for Him in the inn, but that didn’t stop His birth. The Jews told Jesus there wasn’t room for Him in Israel, but that didn’t stop His message from being spread around the world, and now the nations on earth are telling Him there is no room for Him in the world, but that isn’t going to stop the church from growing. If you are a scoffer and are one of those who believe a loving God will not do anything to punish sinful man; you better think again. If judgment starts at the house of God, what will it be like for the sinner, the scoffer, the unbeliever and the persecutor of Christians. Paul didn’t like what he suffered, Pharoah didn’t like what he and the Egyptians suffered, and the world is not going to like what is about to come upon it. DThrash


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