Life is a lot like taking a vacation

Hanging out with the old men in front of Ed’s Department Store in smalltown was like a second classroom for me. Second only to Miss Wilma’s classroom at smalltown elementary and being present at Mom’s kitchen table at suppertime where she taught us the importance of manners, respect, and how to treat other people. The learning atmosphere in front of Ed’s Department Store was special for a tweenager who was all ears and eager to learn about life. When I wasn’t listening to the old men spread their backwoods wisdom, I was thinking about baseball and what I was going to do with the rest of my life. At night after all the old men had gone home to go to bed, I¬†would sit up on main street and watch the lights of the big trucks roll by on the highway just outside of town and wonder where they were going. And one night as I sat watching those big trucks roll by; I made a decision that just as soon as I turned eighteen, “I was going to see the world.” After listening to the old men of smalltown talk about the places they had been and the sights they had seen, I knew the world was a lot bigger than the smalltown I was living in, and I would think; “Somewhere out there – there is a place for me in this world, and I intend to find it.”

It was along about that same time I learned that preparing for life’s journey is a lot like making plans to take a vacation. As Cooch the Barber said to me, “The time to start making preparations for that time is now. No one ever got to where they wanted to go in life unless they knew where they were when they started, and what they would need to get them where they wanted to go. What a person finds when they arrive at their destination is usually not what they expected. So if you plan on leaving smalltown some day, take an inventory of what you have, what you will need for the trip, and what you plan to do once you arrive at your destination. If you don’t take these simple steps of preparation, you just might find your life journey a little bumpier than you expected.” DThrash


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