The Healing Power of Smalltown’s Fountain of Youth

I noticed during my growing years that people who lived outside of smalltown seemed to grow up quicker than they did where I lived. I don’t know for sure, but I think there was something in the local drinking water that caused this problem. There were people in smalltown who were in their fifties and still hadn’t grown beyond their teenage years. Of course, everyone in smalltown had an opinion as to why this was, but I always suspected there was something in the drinking water. My thought was that some of that old greenish blue copperous water from the local coal mine had gotten into the ground water, and from there it had seeped into their wells. I don’t know what that copperous water would do to a person’s insides if they drank it, but it sure worked wonders on my cuts and open sores.

You outsiders might be wondering what’s copperous water? Well, copperous water came from the water the local coal mine used to wash their coal and after a good rain their holding pits would overflow into a small ditch nearby and that water eventually made its way into a small river a couple of miles away. The water had a beautiful greenish blue tint like the waters off the coast of the Bahama’s and when you looked down into it from up above you could see the bottom of the river some thirty feet down, but that copperous water was deadly to the fish habitat. I didn’t miss the fishing part too much when it was gone because all I had ever caught out of it were big ole Carp and some Buffalo.

One day I received a rather large wound in my side from toting a large fellow on the handle bars of my bicycle. His weight caused the handle bars to break off from the front forks and the sharp metal of the broken fork punctured my right side just above my belt leaving a large round hole about the size of a quarter. It festered up something terrible and pus began to ooze from it a couple of days later. I hadn’t been swimming down at the creek for a few days cause mom thought swimming in the creek would cause it to get infected worse. But on this particular day it was hot, hotter than normal, and I decided I was going swimming to cool off inspite of mom’s warning. If my sore got more infected than it already was, it would just have to get more infected. I went swimming in that copperous water for a couple of hours and by the next morning the wound had stopped oozing pus and the skin around the edges had turned a light pink and the healing process had begun. That was when I learned copperous water had healing power. In my fourteen year old mind it surely was a miracle sent from God just like those old Testament miracles I heard Oral Roberts preach about on tv every Sunday afternoon. Hot Springs, Arkansas had their hot springs, but smalltown had its copperous water. After that incident, every time I got a cut or an abrasion anywhere on my body I went swimming in the creek, and in a day or two I would be as good as new.

Some years later I got the bad news from home; some people who didn’t know about the healing power of the copperous water had gotten the EPA involved and the mine was closed putting several smalltown people out of work just because a few fish couldn’t live in copperous water. Don’t you know anytime the government gets involved in something, they ruin things for the poor folks? Now that the copperous water is gone and those bait stealing Carp and Buffalo have returned, when I hurt, I have to find a doctor to care for me and don’t you know they most always want to cut something out of me and then charge me an arm and a leg in return for their services.  Things were a lot cheaper back in the old days when the copperous water seeped into our wells and ran off into the creek. We had the best of both worlds. Everlasting youth came with every downward push of the handle of our pitcher mouth pump and the power to heal our broken bodies flowed just two miles out of town. Who could ask for anything more? DThrash

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