The Ignorance of Man

You have heard it said, “What a person doesn’t know won’t hurt them.” The people who say such things surely do not realize that it’s what we don’t know or understand that causes all of our problems. For example, I am not an auto mechanic and when I get under the hood of my car trying to fix something I know nothing about, it ends up costing me more in repairs than it would have if I had taken it to a mechanic to start with. It happens this way because I usually get mad and break something that is very costly to repair. I have an IQ of 134, but I am a slow learner in some aspects of my life and it seems like I would have learned by now there is no place for a hammer under the hood of my car. When I get frustrated, out comes the hammer, and after so many times of paying extra expense on my auto repair bills for damages I am responsible for; you would think I would have learned that a couple of good whacks with the hammer does not fix anything, but it will destroy a perfectly good part. But I haven’t, and my son just stands off to the side and watches me, shakes his head and laughs, and I get more irritated, and more damage results. The one thing I have learned out of my experiences with automobiles is ignorance cost, it doesn’t pay dividends. But even knowing how expensive ignorance can be, I still haven’t learned to leave some things alone. I don’t know maybe it’s a macho thing or something with me, but the mechanics are sure happy I am ignorant in this area because they make a lot of extra money off of me. When they get the call that I need a mechanic, I can just imagine them with a smile on their face telling their fellow mechanics, “That was the fool who still hasn’t learned you can’t fix a car with a hammer.”  

But on a more serious note, ignorance is not a blessing, it’s a curse, and in some cases it can be deadly. For instance, let’s look at how God describes the end results of the ignorance of His people who made up Northern Israel in the days of Hosea the prophet. Hosea 4:6-7 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. The more they increased, the more they sinned against me. I will change their glory into shame.” Notice God said, “His people were being destroyed by what? Their lack of knowledge.” They were being destroyed by the one thing they were suppose to very familiar with, but had no knowledge of, because they had made a choice to reject Him for the pursuit of things, or as He called it, increase. He goes on to say, the end result of their rejecting the knowledge of Him would be; He would forget their children. He continued by saying, “The more they increased, the more they sinned against Him.” And as a result of their disobedience and rejection of the knowledge of Him, He said in verses 9-10. “So I will punish them for their ways, and reward them for their deeds. For they shall eat, but not have enough; they shall commit harlotry, but not increase; because they have ceased obeying the Lord.” For punishment God gave Northern Israel into the hand of the Assyrians. For their reward; He allowed them to be scattered  across the Assyrian empire and never heard from again.  

The actions of the Northern Israelites has a familiar ring to it. The issue God had with the people of Northern Israel those many centuries ago is precisely what istaking place in our own country today. And like the ten tribes of Jews who lived in Northern Israel, we have become a nation of fools. We have forsaken Him for the pursuit of things that cannot comfort us in times of trouble. As a result of our foolishness, we have lost the majority of our children to the pleasures of the world because they were not taught the knowledge of God in our churches, and they are now the one’s who are persecuting the church of God. But there is one thing we can count on; there is a day of reckoning coming for the rebellious people of God in this country just as there was for the people of Northern Israel. And when it comes this country is not going to like what takes place anymore than the people of Northern Israel liked what happened to them when the Assyrians showed up.

Many people in our society discount the bible as a book of fables. So did the people of Northern Israel and look at what happened to them. People who discount the bible as a book of fairy tales instead of the historical book it is are just as ignorant of the things of God as I am when it comes to fixing my car. The difference is they are playing with their eternal future; I am only paying little extra on car repairs and the extra money I spend can be replaced. However, all the money in the world and things we buy with it won’t buy a person their freedom when the enemy is in their home. The people of Northern Israel learned this lesson the hard way. They didn’t listen to Hosea who was God’s mouth piece back then, and the people in America aren’t listening to the voice of God in our land today. The Northern Israelites forfeited their freedom and became slaves because they ignored God and pursued pleasure and increase. America is following that same disastrous course of action, and at some point, God will punish and reward America just like He did the people of Northern Israel. He cannot overlook the great blessings He has poured out upon this country, and the things we are doing in our attempt to erase from our memory any signs of His existence. I know some people will agrue this last point, but think about this before you quit reading. America is not mentioned in the book of Revelation as being a world power. As a matter of fact, America isn’t mentioned in the book at all. What do you think happened to the greatest nation to ever be raised up on planet earth? If it isn’t mentioned as being a world power in the end. It’s because it isn’t there. Where has it gone? My guess is that it is going to go the way of Northern Israel. You don’t like that, you say. It’s not too late to do something about it. Or is it? Throughout the bible God only put up with fools for so long, then He does something about them. Has America gone past the point of no return in its pursuit of things? Only time will tell.

One last tid bit of information: When the Northern Israeleites tried to replace God with things, He replaced them with Assyrians. When Pharoah killed the first born males of the Israelites, God killed the first born in Egypt including the first born animals. The Jews killed Jesus in a feeble attempt to destroy His teachings, and the Jews suffered horribly for two thousand years outside their homeland. Why do we in America think we are better than the chosen people of God and will somehow escape His justice because of our great might? Ignorant people do not realize God doesn’t need America, but America cannot survive without God. DThrash


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