Two Keys to living a victorious life, Submit and Resist.

James writes, “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” The two key words in this short sentence is, ‘submit’ and ‘resist’. James has given us the keys to living a victorious Christian life while residing in a world dedicated to sinning. One, we must submit to God, and two, we must resist the devil. And when we have met these two condtions; ‘the devil will flee’. But most Christians have these two requirements backwards. They resist God by turning away from His plan for their life, and in so doing, without realizing it, they are submitting to the devil who is nothing but a rebellious angel. We may not understand this, but it is impossible for someone to submit to one person without resisting the will of another who has a vested interest in them. And when we submit to the Lord, we automatically start resisting the devil. The opposite of this statement is true as well. When we submit to the temptations of the devil, we begin resisting God’s plan for our life. We are either in submission to God, or we are resisting God; there is no gray area in James’ statement. And the person who resists God and submits to the devil is following the path of least resistance, and as you know, once something starts rolling downhill it picks up speed, and the farther down hill it travels the harder it is to reverse its course of action. The person who finds themselves in this predicament is not going to get control of their life again until they hit the bottom of the hill where the ground levels out and the turmoil in their life slows down somewhat. When people find themselves in this situation, they oftentimes say, “Their life is spinning out of control.” Indeed it is. But, that person should not give up. If they were out of control coming down the hill and survived the ride, they will have to go back up the hill just to reach the point they began their descent. But with God’s help, they will make the return journey back up the hill successfully if they do not give up.

Thought number two, the only advantage the devil has over mankind at the present time is he is invisible to the naked eye of man. That’s it! He has no power, and no rightful place to call home, and he can’t so much as set foot on earth unless man allows him. Do you get the picture? Most people don’t! The Christian who should know these things seem to think the devil is some kind of a god and can do as he pleases when he pleases. The truth is he can’t do anything without the assistance of man. And man in his ignorance helps the devil carry out his evil works against other men who are made in the image of God the same as they are. Not understanding that people who help the devil carry out his evil deeds is hated by him just as much as the Christian. And when the devil is done with the evil doer, he casts them off to the side like a piece of trash, broken, and not much use to anyone, not even themselves. But God in His infinite mercy will pick up the pieces of that broken life, and if the person will let Him, He will put their life back together again better than it was the first time. And with their permission He will continue His work of turning them into a king and a priest in His kingdom right here on earth. We don’t have to suffer all the things we do. The devil is a defeated foe. The only weapon he has left in his arsenal is the power of persuasion, and it would be of great benefit to the Christian if they realized they have control over what they listen to. But it seems that most people are easily persuaded because they willingly lie, cheat, steal, and do harm to their fellow man just to gain control over them and their possessions.

Heaven and hell are eternal places. And God in His infinite wisdom lets us choose our eternal destination. Isn’t that cool? Here on earth people blame others for their failures, but in hell no man will ever be able to point a finger at someone else and say to them, “I am here because of you.” No, each person makes the decision to spend eternity wherever they find themselves. Those who submit to God will wake up in heaven, but those who resists God’s plan for their life will one day wake up in a place so horrible they can’t even, or don’t want to, imagaine exists. It’s so bad, God called it ‘hell’. DThrash


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