The Image in the Mirror

We will not take a good look at ourselves in the mirror because we don’t like the person staring back at us. The reason we don’t is that person points out to us our imperfections which leads us to be critical of ourselves even though the image in the mirror never says a word. You would think we would know that the person in the mirror is only an image, it is not a true representation of who we are. If we were happy with who we are as a person, we would not believe the image we see of ourselves in the mirror. But, we, who haven’t figured this out yet; spend billions of dollars each year on cosmetics, plastic surgeries, clothing, and exercise facilities; in an attempt to change the image in the mirror.

Our vanity is promoted and encouraged by Hollywood; the vanity capital of the world; the city of illusion and disillusionment. The kings of Hollywood understand that it doesn’t matter if we are just a little vain, or a lot vain. We are still vain. This is true because we only want others to see us in our best light, looking our best, as close to perfection as we can make ourselves; thus the clothing industry, the cosmetic industry, the health food industry, gyms, and the plastic surgeons are billion dollar industries. When we believe the lies of the person staring back at us in the mirror, we do not understand, it doesn’t matter how much money we spend on ourselves trying to cover up our imperfections; we cannot cover up the person living inside us who is subject to the persuasive powers of others. Hollywood understands our desire to be persuaded and uses that knowledge to promote their wares; and the other industries I mentioned above make billions off of our vanity. If we really wanted to change who we are; we would stop listening to those who tell us we are flawed individuals. We are not flawed; we are unique. There is only one of us, and there will never be another person like us.

If we truly wanted the world to see our beauty, we would focus on changing the perspective of the person who lives in us. Designer clothes and outrageous fashions promoted by Hollywood, television, and fashion deisigners will not do the trick. Those things are designed to distract and confuse people so they don’t see us as we really are. Do we not yet understand that it is our actions that tells the world who we are as a person; and all the changes we make to our appearance will not change that fact. Because of this shortcoming we encounter numerous problems other people don’t have who recognize that the image in the mirror is only that; an image. As long as we cannot accept ourselves for who we are, the person we see in the mirror each morning will continue to point out our flaws; and we will continue to spend billions on something that can’t be changed until we change the person in us. The happiest people on earth are those people who have accepted themselves for who they are as individuals. Knowing that nothing we clothe ourselves in, or do to our body, can hide the one who lives in us. Once that is understood and addressed; the real beauty within us surfaces for all to see through the life we live.

King Solomon was perhaps the most vain person of all time. He was wealthy, powerful, and influential, but yet he proclaimed that all he did in this life was vanity. So in summarizing his life for us, he outlines his vanity in its completeness in the Book of Ecclesiastes which he wrote near the end of his life, and in which he gives us the conclusion of the whole matter in chapter 12 verses13-14, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and keep His commandments. For this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing. Whether good or evil.” DThrash


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