War (Part One)

We know the wars men fight are for land, power, and recognition; but the war we know little about is between God and Satan for the souls of men. The first type of war is fought in the natural realm, the second in the spiritual realm. Both wars are a life and death struggle where you either defeat the enemy, or you become a prisoner. You are either a survivor or a casualty. There are no winners in war; there are only losers. Most of us know someone who has been a casualty of war, and most of us know someone who is a survivor. But a person can survive a physical war and still be a casualty of the war between God and Satan. We should understand that we can serve our country honorably, and still go to hell. Or we can serve our country dishonorably, and go to heaven. Our eternal destination is not determined by our physical actions, but by whose army we choose to serve in – in this life.

Every human being living on the face of the earth today is either fighting for survival, or fighting to control the life of another. And whether we know it or not; we are all in the army of God, or we are in the army of Satan. We are for one and against the other; we cannot be for God and Satan at the same time. If you are not sure which army you are in, check out your actions. What we do in life tells us who we are supporting. If you are not a Christian and true to the cause of Christ; you are in the army of Satan and fighting against God. If you should die in the service of Satan, you will pay the ultimate price for your rebellion.

It is also obivious that all people who call themselves Christians are not Christians. You can tell a true Christian from the phoney Christian by the love they have for one another. There is no love for humanity in the hearts of the phoney Christian. There is only self seeking and schemes to harm others. Satan placed these same kinds of spies among the people that followed Jesus. And just like today many of those people pretended to be His disciples and followed Him to criticize His teachings and works. They said that many of the works He did was not of God, but of Satan. That same message is still being preached from church pulpits today. These messages denying Christ are preached to cause separation within the church body. These empty vessels may fool those who lack understanding, but the mature Christian knows them by their works. If Satan had spies among the people who followed Jesus, you can bet your last dollar they are within the meeting places of the body of Christ today. These people call themselves Christians and attend church every time the doors are open. They are in your congregation, and they are in mine, and every other congregation that meets to worship the Lord. How do we know who is who? The test is a very simple one, but very accurate. If God doesn’t have your heart, He doesn’t have your money either. Jesus made reference to this when He said, “You cannot love God, and mammon.” If you love God, money is not your motivating factor. But if God isn’t first in your life, then money is. This might confuse some people, but you do not have to be wealthy to love money. If you are still not sure who has first place in your life; here is the litmus test: What do you spend the most time doing? Helping others, or pursuing other things? “The love of money (which is used to purchase things; mammon) is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10) DThrash


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