The Sent One’s

The Israelites during the time of Jesus struggled with the idea that a man could be God despite the fact they could physically touch Him, were eye witnesses to the many miracles He performed, and they could sit at His feet and hear the Word of God as it flowed directly from the Throne Room in heaven. The problem the Israelites had with Jesus being the Sent One was, He was the son of a carpenter they knew from Nazareth, so, to them, He was one of them as far as their eye could see. Therefore, He was rejected as being the Savior sent from God despite the works He did among them. We see this same kind of reaction to the teachings of Christ in the modern church. The men whom Jesus has called to preach His Word among the people are viewed by the majority of the church body as being just men. Men who have faults, and problems, just like they do. So when the preacher stands up to proclaim the Word, they can’t hear God speaking to them because they are looking at the man. So they leave church in the same condition they came.

In the following scripture from the NIV bible Jesus deals with a similar situation. John 6:29  “…The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” That was then, this is now. God isn’t sending another Jesus into the world, but Jesus is sending people around the world with the Good News, and that includes the church you attend.  He has directed His sent one’s to preach the words He has given them to speak. And as member of His body we have to stop looking at the man behind the podium as being just another man because he isn’t. If God sent him, God is speaking through him so our life might improve. Why? Because God wants to perform the miracle we so desperately need, and He can’t do that as long as we think the man speaking to us is just another man. Jesus anoints His sent one’s to do certain things for His body. Some are sent to heal, some to teach, some to evangelize, some to start new churches. But everyone Jesus sends is anointed to do something that is going to meet our needs in a way that no one else can. And when we stop looking at the man behind the podium as being just another man with problems, and we start listening to the ONE speaking through him, we won’t leave church in the same condition we arrived.

Jesus didn’t go through life without problems, and neither will His sent one’s, and neither will we. It is when we understand that problems come to us all that we will begin to listen and stop looking. And when we start listening and doing as instructed, our life will do an about face and miracles will begin to happen among us that will astonish the communities in which we live. This is God’s plan for the church to reach a dying world. But if we do not understand who Jesus is and the mission of His sent one’s, we will not understand what it is we are do and be. DThrash



  1. oldtimeballplayer

    Kashif, I am not sure what thoughts you would like me to share on your blog since it is obivious we disagree because we have different view points on who the Sent One is. I read your latest article and in the Quran segments you posted they speak a lot about the book itself. That isn’t so in the bible because Jesus, so called in the New Testament, and the Lord God in the Old Testament is the central figure of scripture because He was the Word of God in the beginning of the book who became flesh and dwelt among men showing forth the works and power of God through the miracles He performed during His ministry years in the middle of the book, and will return at the end of the book as both Lord and Judge of mankind. I mentioned that in that order because the bible is about the love of God for man and the grace that has been extended to him through Christ Jesus, the Son of God. The bible itself is not holy, it is just a book made of paper, but the printed words on the pages of it are pure and alive because they contain the ability to take a man full of the vilest sin and change him internally into a holy man full of power and love for his fellow man. If you should want to copy and paste this response to your blog, please feel free to do so. DThrash

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