Eating With The Pigs.

All those yesterday’s many of us would like to forget are the foundation on which we find ourselves standing today. The same holds true for a business, a city, a country, or whatever. We are where we are either by plan or by failure to change course when we knew we had lost our way. We are not where we are in life by accident, but rather by choice. We either set goals, or we let life take its course. And if we let life take its course we will find ourselves in a place we don’t want to be. There is a story in the bible in Luke chapter fifteen which perfectly illustrates my reasoning in which a boy decides to take his inheritance and leave home. From that point on he made one bad decision after another until he found himself many miles from home and in a pig pen eating slop with the pigs. Once he realized how bad his situation was, he made the decision to return home where he could get the help he needed. The same is true for us;  if we want to get our life back on track; we will have to make a decision to do something about our situation, otherwise it will not change. His downward spiral that ended with him in the pig pen eating slop with the pigs began with a single bad decision. And his decision to change his situation began right there in that pig pen. The jest of the story is not about how bad his life had become, but rather about him making a decision to do something about his situation. The story doesn’t tell us how far he had to go to reach the point where his bad decision making began, but it does say he reached that point and his new life began. This story is of a particular interest to me because I was a wayward child in my early years, and I can tell you from personal experience that when someone starts making one bad decision after another, he does not realize how far he has wondered from those near and dear to them until he starts making that long journey home. And I can also tell you the road home is a lot more difficult to traverse than the one that led us to our pig pen. If it wasn’t for a brother who loved me dearly and took me in when I was in the pit of despair, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now writing this blog. But because he did, I am. DThrash


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