Healing Our Finances

When I find myself in a financial bind I use the following scripture found in Luke 6:38 to get me through; “Give and it shall be given unto you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use it will be measured back to you.” Jesus tells us in this scripture if we implement His principle of giving, our financial problems will be taken care of. If we don’t, things will not change. Most people refuse to understand that God has a better plan for man than man does for himself; so they go to banks and finance companies for loans knowing it is going to cost them dearly in interest and finance charges, but they go anyway because that is all they know. The more money that is borrowed, the more interest that will be paid. For example, a twenty thousand dollar automobile will cost about thirty thousand by the time it is paid off, and a hundred thousand dollar home will cost about three hundred thousand by the time it is paid for depending on the length of the contract. What those figures tell us is, there is no way a person will recoup their money on those items when it comes time to trade or sell them. Jesus said to give our way out of financial difficulty, but most people do business the worlds way because they don’t understand the principle behind giving. People think when they give something away it is gone forever and they will never see it again. It’s a good thing the farmer doesn’t think that way, or he wouldn’t be in the farming business very long. As Jesus pointed out to us – the measure we use to give, is the same measure that is used to measure it back to us. He also said, the return will come back, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into our bosom. Again, if you don’t believe the principle of giving works, ask a farmer how many ears and grains of corn he gets in return for each grain of corn he plants. The farmer knows if he gives, or plants grain as we call it, to the soil, he is going to get a return for each grain planted. If he didn’t completely believe in the principle of giving to get, he wouldn’t be a farmer. Of course the flip side of that is – like the farmer we have to be generous in our giving if we want to receive on the level Jesus described in Luke 6:38. The farmer doesn’t expect to operate a farm and feed his family planting ten grains of corn. He plants as much as he can expecting to reap a great deal more than he planted. Of all the people on earth who should understand the principle of giving; it is the church, but most church people don’t understand it either. That’s why they only plant or put five or ten dollars in the offering plate every now and then, but they still expect to reap an abundance. Ain’t gonna happen! Then when they run out of money they wonder why God doesn’t answer their prayers. If we don’t give, God can’t bless it. It’s that simple. God responds to our prayers according to our response to His commands. When we don’t follow the prescribed methods He has given us, we bind His hands from helping us. DThrash


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