New Year Resolutions

Making resolutions isn’t new, the practice has been around for thousands of years. Joshua, who succeeded Moses as the warrior leader of Israel following their escape from the Egyptians and their forty year stint in the desert, made a resolution on the day the Israelites were to enter into the land God promised them would be their home forever. He also advised the Israelites to follow suit and make a decision on whom they would serve in their new land; “The God of their fathers, Abraham, Issac and Jacob, or the gods of the people inhabiting the land they were entering.” God’s request was of the utmost importance. He was not going to turn over the land He had promised to the Israelites to a bunch of half hearted people who didn’t know if they really wanted a homeland or not. And He is not going to turn over His precious jewels to us today if we do not make a decision to serve Him. That’s why He is still asking us today, “Will we serve the God of Heaven or the gods of money, greed, and power, which rule our present day society?” The truth is most people are pursuing the almighty dollar, but there is no power in money. It can’t buy the things people really need, like joy, peace, happiness, good health and life. It has no eternal value, and is only good for trading for things to meet our temporary needs. But still, when people have a problem they turn to another person, perhaps a relative, a brother or sister, mother or father, or perhaps a friend, or a professional in a particular area to help them through their situations. People have become so ingrained with the idea that they must go to man to help them through their problems that they have completely forgotten about the problem solver who has given them His word, that if they will come to Him, He will meet all their needs. The word ALL means ALL, every single need we have. It doesn’t mean some, or one or two, it means ALL of our needs will be met. I have a nephew who is prime example of one man depending upon another to meet his needs. A few days ago I received a phone call from him asking for money, he is in his late forties, doesn’t work, is a drunk, falls down a lot and injures himself, and when these things happen he calls me to send him money to cover his medical expenses. His thinks since I own a business I have plenty of money. This has been going on for a few years now, but has picked up since I let him come and live with my family for a few months this past summer. The last time he asked for money was just last week. He called this time because he hurt his back when he fell down while in one of his drunken stupors. He doesn’t know it yet, but things have changed. When the money doesn’t arrive in the mail; he is going to call back, mad, because I didn’t help him out. But, this time he is going to get a dose of reality, I am going to tell him he can go to the same person I go to when I have problems and who has always come through for me. He’s not going to like it, but this time he is going to have to deal with the issue himself. He can do what I do when I have problems, or he can suffer until he learns I am not his personal banker. Life is tough, but it is so by design. God’s desire is that all of us would understand that we are dependent upon Him whether we want to admit it or not, and turn to Him in our time of need. It works for me, and it will work for anyone else who has problems. DThrash


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