Life, Destination, Creation & Evolution.

There have been many people past and present who have told us how to reach our final destination in life and what to expect when we get there. And my thoughts on these people’s teachings, are; “How could these people tell us what to expect at the end of our journey when none of them had yet completed theirs?” Any person who does not examine all sides of a coin cannot adequately describe the object to other people. They can only describe the portion of the coin they have seen. However, if we were to compare all the teachings of these proclaimed messiahs, one against another, we will soon discover that only Jesus Christ has the answers to life and what awaits us once this life is over. It is a stretch of the imagination to believe a loving God would reward anyone with seventy virgins when they die a martyrs death for killing innocent people when they treat the wife they have now as a second class citizen. Just a thought. And the Law of God says, “Thou shalt not murder.” Why? Because murder is the taking of an innocent life. And just because someone has an opinion that differs from ours is not sufficient grounds for murdering them. The bible also teaches uunrepentent murderers go to hell. Why? Because people who commit murder are playing God by making the determination of who is worthy of living and who isn’t. Since all of us were created by God and in His likeness; we belong to Him. And who lives and who dies is His decision, not ours. Then there are people who preach reincarnation where people can come back as a lower life form. God forgive our ignorance. And then there are those who preach we will inherit a planet when we die and become a god. Lord have mercy. Man IS God’s crowning achievement and absoloutely nothing created compares with our complexity and our magnificence. We were not an after thought, (except in the mind of some men) and we are not an accident that is ever evolving into a higher form of life. Good Lord. Nothing in all of creation compares to man because we are the reason for creation. Everything God created is in perfect balance with man and will remain that way until God removes man from His creation. Creation is an artistic masterpiece, a perfect environment in which man can thrive. Happenstance? Hardly! Thought provoking and loving? Surely! With that thought in mind I have to ask these self proclaimed anti-creationist; why do you try to convince us we are an after thought when you decide to build a new home you do so with your needs in mind? It would be asinine to do otherwise; don’t you think? If you then being a man made in the image of God construct homes to meet your needs, why do you try to convince us a universe was formed and man was somehow made to fit into it, thus making the universe the center of attention instead of man for whom it was built? Why do you build a new home when according to you a cave would do? You could learn to adjust in the cave’s strange environment and you would save a lot of money on utilities and amenities. But you don’t live in caves because the cave which was not made for human habitation would not meet your basic needs of temperature variation, potable water, a waste removal system, etc, but the home you build for yourself has all of these things and more. You build homes to suit your purposes because you are the reason for the home, not the other way around. Therefore, it amazes me that highly intelligent people are smart enough to build a home to their specifications that can be environmentally controlled by the mere touch of a button has the audacity to tell us there is no God – and this perfect balance between creation and man is by happenstance. It seems to me they have things bassackwards for even thinking a reasonably intelligent person would believe such dribble. Do they not understand it takes more faith for them to believe the universe is the main attraction and man somehow evolved to fit into it, than it does for me to believe there is an intelligent being who created a perfect environment for the man whom He would create in His own image and likeness to dwell in. A person is called a hypocrite when their actions belies their religious teachings, but the anti-creationist seem to forget that nothing begets nothing, and if there is something there now, someone made it. It didn’t make itself and it didn’t appear out of nothing as they try to persuade us. God declares He created all that has been created. And that He did so by His Word which are actually building blocks from which every sequence of events known to man began. Every war, every famine, every divorce, every broken relationship, and any other malady known to man began with words. And God is saying He was there before anything was, and when He made creation, it was to serve a purpose just as every other invention man has invented was invented to serve a purpose. To think otherwise is an insult to the intelligence of the normal man. Have a Blessed Day. DThrash



  1. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

  2. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  3. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

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