Healing For My Body

Life taught me a long time ago man cannot fix my problems. They can temporarily assist me with whatever I need in the physical realm, but they cannot touch the root of my problem which is ALWAYS rooted in the spiritual realm. It is from that latter realm our real help comes from, and it is from that realm the solution to ALL of life’s problems are found. When I go to the great physician He heals my aching body. When I go to a natural physician he wants to cut on me. The Lord has never let me down in the thirty years I have known Him and He has healed every infirmity I have had from hemmorroids to back problems and everything in between. And the more I come to know Him, the more sure I am that He won’t let me down. And this does not take into consideration that He is the only one I know who has the resources to meet my every need, everytime, and He never charges a penny for His work. I have included in this blog the scriptures I use to receive healing in my body. 1 Peter 2:24 tells me, “Who Himself (Jesus) bore our sins in His own body on the tree, (cross) that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness-by whose stripes you were healed.” You ‘were healed’ is past tense. Being healed of your infirmity isn’t something that is going to be done, or might be done if God isn’t too busy to help us that day. No, it was done two thousands years ago. Peter tells us in this verse of scripture, and so does the prophet Isaiah and the Apostle Matthew – Jesus came and died on the cross so that we would receive ETERNAL LIFE and be able to enter into a right relationship with Almighty God, and through the stripes that He (Jesus) bore upon His body, I AM free of sickness and disease in mine. And in Luke 13:16 (Jesus speaking) “Ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?” Jesus said because Abraham, the father of the Jews, had a right relationship with God, his descendents were afforded the same rights Abraham enjoyed. The problem was, this lady didn’t know it was her right to be free of her infirmity based upon Abraham’s relationship with God until Jesus pointed it out to her. But, she was one smart cookie, once she found out she didn’t have to be bent over at the waist any longer, she went home a healed person. Just that quick, and just that easy. All Jesus did was tell her it was her right to be free of the spirit of infirmity that had her bound. He didn’t grab her or shake her or knock her down. He just told her what was rightfully hers, and left it up to her to do the straightening up. This next point is where most people miss it. If she wanted to be free of the infirmity that had her bound, she had to do her part to receive what was already hers. If she wanted to enjoy a normal life, she first had to receive. This she did by HEARING what Jesus had said, and second, SHE DID SOMETHING WITH THE INFORMATION she heard. Did she feel pain while in the receiving process? Probably; but she fought through the pain and straightened up, received her healing, and went home walking upright for the first time in eighteen years.

The point of this story is – if something belongs to us, it is ours whether we use it or not. The majority of people do not understand that Jesus bore the stripes upon His back so we could enjoy good health and live a long life – free of the infirmites that bind most people. They also do not understand that He died so they could enjoy eternal life. People aren’t interested in getting to know Him because they think all He has for them is rules to follow. Nothing could be further from the truth. One person doesn’t die for another just to get that other person to follow rules. People die in the place of another so the person died for might live and enjoy the benefits of the other person’s work. But along with enjoying the benefits of their labor come guidelines. If the benefactor simply focuses on the guidelines that accompanies the benefits left to them, they missed the whole point of the other person’s death. You may be thinking, “I wouldn’t.” But the truth is; most people do. It is the lack of knowledge of what God did for us through the death of Jesus Christ that allows us to be destroyed by the enemy of our soul and keeps us living way below the level of life God intended. But, if we don’t want to enjoy the benefits that came with our salvation; we have the right to do so. But, we need to understand that God has already done for us all He is ever going to do. Everything we could possibly need to live a long and bountiful life was included in the death of Jesus Christ. But, like the cripple lady in the above story who was bent over at the waist and suffered for eighteen long years in that condition because of her lack of knowledge of what belonged to her, we have to receive God’s gifts of health, prosperity and soundness of mind, (3 John 2) if we want to enjoy them. It’s your choice! God Bless. DThrash



  1. DThrasher

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  3. oldtimeballplayer

    Good for you.

  4. Amen. I am receiving my healing.

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