Ignorance; The Door Through Which Our Problems Enter

Nobody likes to think they are ignorant much less be called ignorant, but the truth is we are all ignorant about many things. If we weren’t ignorant about some things we would be all-knowing. As we know, we aren’t all knowing and the truth is we know very little about many things that impact our life. It might help us to overcome our ignorance if we understood that nothing going on in our life is there by accident. We have problems in our life because problems serve a purpose and their purpose is to cause us as much suffering as they can and for as long as they can. They are in all aspects of the term teachers from which we either learn to cope with them, (which we never will) overcome them, or die as a result of them. That doesn’t seem like a lot of wiggle room, but in reality there are only two ways we can get rid of our problems and that is overcome them or die as a result of them. Since no one wants to die as a result of our problems (though many do) then we need to learn how to remove them from our life.

In Luke chapter thirteen in the New Testament, verses 10 through 17, there is a lady who has been bent over at the waist for eighteen years; and I want you to pay particular attention to the way Jesus dealt with her problem because her story will illustrate for us how to deal with our problems. Jesus identified the source of her problem as being a demon spirit whose job was to cripple her. And here is the point I don’t want you to miss; Jesus told her that someone who had her bound with this crippling disease had a name, ‘spirit of infirmity.’  Up until this time, she didn’t know the source of her problem was a spirit being or that she didn’t have to be bent over at the waist, but once she learned the truth about her condition, she went home shortly thereafter walking upright for the first time in eighteen years. In verse sixteen, Jesus told everyone why she was freed from her problem, “Ought not this woman being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?” Think about it! This lady had walked bent over at the waist and in much pain for eighteen years when she didn’t have to experience either one for a minute. Her ignorance of her rights as a descendent of Abraham kept her more tightly bound than the demon spirit of infirmity that had attached itself to her. If she had just known she didn’t have to be bound by that demon spirit, she could have ran the thing off herself. But she suffered all those years because she lacked understanding concerning the significance of the relationship between Abraham and God. So if she was entitled to enjoy good health, prosperity, and soundness of mind, and the ones doing the complaining were the one’s who were to teach God’s word to the people, in all actuality, they were the one’s who caused her to suffer unneccessarily because they withheld this important information from her. They then had the gall to get mad at her because Jesus healed her on the Sabbath Day, not understanding that if they had did their job of teaching her what her rights were through her relationship with Abraham, she wouldn’t have needed to receive her healing on that particualr day.

I touched on this in the preceding paragraph, but it is pertinent we understand ignorance is not a blessing. In fact, God tells us in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” God is telling us, our ‘ignorance’ is the door through which our many problems enter. He continues that line of thought with the words, “Because you have rejected knowledge, …” Oh, wow! This statement is where the rubber meets the road for mankind. The knowledge of God is available to all, but if we are not serving Him it is because we have made a personal choice to reject Him for some other religion. And He just told us in the preceding verse what the end result of that is; destruction. He is telling us we have a responsibility to pursue the knowledge of Him. And if we refuse to pursue the knowledge of Him, what we don’t know will destroy us.  Notice, He didn’t say the devil would destroy us. He said, our lack of knowledge of Him and what He has done for us opens the door for us to be destroyed. When the door is open, Satan will come in and attach himself to us just as Jesus described to the handicapped lady in Luke Chapter Thirteen. And once he is in – he can make a real mess out of our life, our city, our country, our way of life, and the problems we allow him to create will eventually lead to our destruction.

To our dismay, very few Christians really understand why Jesus Christ had to come and die. There are even some people in the church who profess to be Christian’s who wonder if He was a real person. And then there are some who think the recorded events of His life are nothing more than fairy tales. Yet these same people fail to realize they are being destroyed day by day because of their lack of knowledge of who God is and what He has done for us. If we really understood the reason why Jesus came, we would have fewer problems in our life to deal with because we would take care of them before they became big problems. But what we don’t know allows all kinds of problems to enter our life just as the lack of knowledge did to this lady in Luke Chapter Thirteen. She did not know she didn’t have to be handicapped until Jesus told her what her rights were and exposed the source of her problem. John 10:10 tells us, “The thief (who is Satan) comes to steal, kill, and to destroy, but I (Jesus) have come to give you life, (knowledge) and life more abundantly.” (the wisdom to walk in that knowledge) It is to the shame of the church that the one’s who are supposed to know, understand, and preach the benefits of being a Christian fail to do so, and as a result, their congregations are sick, broke, and disgusted when they don’t have to be. Don’t you know how sad this makes the one who died for us so we wouldn’t have to suffer all the things we do? Have a Blessed and wonderful day. God Bless. DThrash


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