Curse God and Die!

The title of this blog entry is from the book of Job chapter two verse nine, in which Job’s wife not understanding why such devastating hardships had befallen them, said to Job, “… Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!” Sometimes the devil can make our situation appear to be so bad that people wonder why we don’t give up and quit. I can tell you, the word ‘quit’ is not in some people’s vocabulary. They would rather die than give up. If you have read the book of Job, then you know he was one of those people. His faith was anchored in God, and he was not about to give in to this situation, even though he may have felt like dying. His mind was made up long before this incident occured. He was determined to see his ordeal through despite the fact he had already lost everything he owned, except his wife, and she is questioning why he is continuing to struggle against what appears to be a certain death. Now take note; Job’s next statement is what sets him apart from most people, past and present, “Shall we accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?” Job knew he had done no wrong, therefore he knew anything he was experiencing, God was aware of, and God would deliver him at the appropriate time. People struggle in life because they don’t know if God is for them or against them. And when things don’t happen when we think they should, we assume God isn’t hearing us because we did something wrong. If you love the Lord and are serving Him to the best of your ability, and something terrible has beset you, hold fast, and when God decides it is time for the situation to end, He will put a stop to it, and you will be blessed beyond belief.

If we learn anything from Job’s experience, it should be that God is well aware of our situation and even supervises the developments of it. Friends, Satan doesn’t have free reign on earth, he reports to God, and he has to get clearance from God before he can so much as lift a finger against God’s people. If we are experiencing problems it is because God has given Satan the okay for our life lesson to begin. God wrote the test book of life for the development of men into Godly creatures. Satan had no part in the writing of it, nor did he have any input. Our situations are God designed and He sets the limitations to how far that problem can go. If we pass the test, we move on to the next one, and the next one. If we fail, we keep retaking the same test until we pass the course. So, I guess you have figured out, all of God’s courses are pass/fail courses. We either pass them or we redo them. So let us learn from Job’s experience the ground rules for our development and growth in the Lord. God Bless, and have a nice day. DThrash


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  1. internet elias

    Beautiful! Amen!

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