How Do You Know You are Saved?

How do you know you are saved? I have listened to people try to explain what happens during the salvation process, and to me it seemed their answers were way to complicated for people to understand. So after much thought I settled on a simple illustration to tell the story of salvation. The answer I give to people is the salvation process is very similar to filling a glass with water. We look at the glass as being empty before being filled with water, but it isn’t really. The air in the glass is displaced by the water filling the glass.  So what we are talking about here is a displacement process whereby water replaces the air inside the glass and is used to meet the needs of man’s thirsty body.

Prior to our ‘getting saved’, our soul like the empty glass is not really empty. The sinner, talks, feels, and responds to things in life just like those who are saved, but the one thing the person needs to satisfy their thirst for life is lacking. Man cannot live without the air that fills the glass, and neither can we live without a soul. So both the air and the soul are necessary if we are to live a complete life. However, there is one difference between the air in the glass and our soul that needs to be pointed out. The soul of natual born man contains a nature we call the sin nature because its desire is to sin. So during our salvation experience our sin nature is displaced and filled by the Spirit of the Lord who comes to live in us. We cannot see this spiritual transfer taking place like we can when we fill a glass with water, but the infilling of the Holy Spirit becomes visible to the naked eye through the changed life the person lives thereafter. And just as the water in the now filled glass quenches the thirst of our natural body, so the infilling of the Holy Spirit quenches our thirst for the real meaning of Life and our purpose in Life after we are ‘saved’. The person with a sin nature never discovers the real meaning of Life nor their purpose in Life, until they have established a personal salvation experience with the Life Giver. When these basic requirements of the Lord have been met; there is never a doubt in our soul that we have been ‘saved’. Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day in the Lord. DThrash



  1. DThrasher

    Glad you did and hopefully it was of help to you. DThrash

  2. onemansbeliefs

    This title caught my eye and my interest… I spent some time wondering if I was saved after I gave my life to Jesus. I just wrote the following a few days ago. I think it answers the same question in a different way. Please delete if you choose…

    I do appreciate what you have written and I thank you for doing so…

  3. oldtimeballplayer

    Thanks Trenton, you’re welcome. God Bless DThrash

  4. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

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