Why Did You Bother?

The word ‘saved’ could be interchanged with the word ‘rescued’ to describe the removal of someone from a very dangerous situation that more than likely would have resulted in death. If death wasn’t a very real and certain probability, the person wasn’t really ‘saved’, or ‘rescued’ from their circumstance; they were assisted, and there is a BIG difference between being assisted by someone and being saved from a certain death. A person with a dead car battery needs assistance in getting their car started, but a person in a burning car needs rescuing to prevent their loss of life. During a rescue attempt there is also a very good possibility of not only the victim dying, but the rescuer as well; that’s why the rescuer is referred to as a ‘hero’ and are given a medal by others who appreciate their selfless efforts. Sometimes the rescuer dies, while the one rescued lives on. And in the particular case of the Christian, that is just what happened; our Savior, or the one who saved us from certain death, is the Son of God. He gave up His physical life and died a horrible death so that all other men might live out their full life. He unselfishly volunteered to die in our place; so we, who should have died because of our sins; might receive eternal life. However, as foolish as it may seem; not all people appreciate the fact they were rescued from certain death.

Some religions teach that God is distant, uncaring, unreachable, an unloving diety who enjoys watching man suffer, and who could care less about what happens to His creation. To me, that is the epitomy of stupidity. What person worth his salt hates the things he invents or creates? No one! But contrary to their beliefs, the God I know and love, is kind, and more concerned about our welfare than His own. If that were not true; He certainly would not have told our would be killer, “Kill me, and let the others go.” And if we know anything about Him; we would understand that God highly esteemed His Son, just like we place a high value on the lives of our sons and daughters; so the ungratefulness of man will be rewarded with eternal damnation because they are rejecting the salvation the Son of God freely provided for them. Jesus, was not only the Son of God, He is also the favorite Son of His Father, who is the Almighty God; and when people fail to show their appreciation by acknowledging the fact He saved us from certain death; they deserve to die the death of all deaths in the place He calls Eternal Torment, which is better known by the name of ‘Hell’. 

The Lord who died upon the Cross at Calvary will one day judge all men. He died rescuing us; therefore He will reward and punish man based upon what they do with the life they were given. It is unfortunate, that, we, with our finite mind cannot fathom how great a place heaven is, or how awful hell is going to be. Men who reject the Son, struggle with this issue because they live in a world touched by sin and cannot image a place that is completely free of sin, or a place that is completely filled with sin. Neither do they understand, that at the present time, the Spirit of God is here on earth holding back the awfulness of the full force of sin, but He will not be in hell holding back the full fury of it. So the man who goes to hell will feel the full impact of the awfulness of sin because there will be nothing good there. Everything, and everyone present, will be completely evil and all things that are sin and sinful will be confined to that place for all time. There will be no sin or sinners anyplace else in God’s creation, it will all be in the pit where the fire will never go out.

On the otherhand, heaven is sin free. Everything that is good will be present and have the freedom to roam over creation without ever encountering anything touched by sin again. I know it is difficult for people to imagine living in a place that has not been touched by sin, because all we are familiar with has been touched by it. And as glorious a place as heaven will be for the one who appreciated being saved from their certain death; hell will be just as awful for the ungrateful one. Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day in the Lord. DThrash


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  1. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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