Satan: Who He Is & Who He Is Not

Satan’s real name is Lucifer. The word from which we get the english word; luck. At one time he was the most prominent arc angel in heaven who ministered before God’s throne in music. He was the most beautiful of all of the angels. Then he tried to overthrow heaven and seat himself upon God’s throne. God literally ripped His Spirit out of the belly of Lucifer and God’s power, or anointing, left Satan just a shell of his former self. Since then Satan has become a rogue outlaw angel, leader of the pack that was tossed out of heaven with him. He isn’t a god as many people believe. He is nothing more than a thieving, lying, outlaw devil who has set his heart upon destroying God’s newest and highest creation, mankind, and who operates in the areas of our life in which we lack understanding. He isn’t powerless, but he isn’t all powerful either as many people in the church seems to think. As a matter of fact, he has no power at all over the child of God once we come to understand who we are in Christ Jesus and live our lives according to the Word of God. That is not to say he cannot resist us or test us to see if we really believe what we say we believe. He not only can, he does and sometimes repeatedly in the same area, but I have come to understand through my trials that he only has one useful purpose in God’s kingdom and that is to test God’s children so we will know what we believe. If he did not fulfill that one role in God’s kingdom, God would have destroyed him long ago when he tried to usurp God’s throne from Him. So Satan fully understands who God is and his own subservient role in the kingdom of God, and his primary objective is to keep that information from reaching our ears and entering into our understanding. If he can accomplish that purpose he can defeat us, but once we understand who God is and submit to Him, accept our role as sons of the Father; Satan is in for a rough time. That is why it is so very important for every child of God to be informed, to stay informed, and to inform others of their inherited rights to rule and reign upon this earth as sons of the Most High God.
I said Satan isn’t powerless and by that I mean he has power over the natural forces upon this earth and uses that power to his advantage. Every time we have what is called a natural disaster, the news person calls the disaster an “act of God,” or in other words they are saying it is God who is wreaking destruction upon mankind. They say this out of ignorance of why God created man and the earth in the beginning. I would love to ask them these question: Why would a loving God want to destroy the very thing He gave to His children to benefit them? And, Would you, as a loving parent, destroy the home of your children just to watch them suffer? The answer to that question is obviously, no. No parent in their right mind purposefully does things to harm their children or their livelihood, do they? If we don’t, why do we think God would? God calls Satan the ‘great deceiver’ because he so easily deceives man into believing whatever he desires for them to believe. A deceiver is a liar who lies to gain an unfair advantage over an unsuspecting person. And as long as the person remains ignorant of the deceivers lies, he can be used as an accomplice to assist the deceiver in obtaining his goals and objectives; even to their own detriment. It would suffice the children of God to know that Satan can accomplish nothing on this earth if he does not have the cooperation of man to bring about his evil purposes. Satan does not have the power to do as he pleases on this earth because Jesus stripped him of this power, and before he can accomplish his evil plan, he must find a man to assist him in bringing his evil works into the earth. It would also help us if we understood that God operates on the same premise. If God is to get anything done in this earth, He, too, must find a man to help Him accomplish it.
Whether we know it or not, man rules on this earth and for the spiritual world to accomplish their goals and objectives they must have the assistance of man to get it done. That is why it is so important we understand who the players in the game of life are. God is for us, and Satan is against us. That single fact is never going to change, and neither of them can do anything on this earth unless we join forces with them and assist them in their efforts. God made the earth and gave it to man as a home. That is why Adam could give away his dominion over the earth to another being. If the earth had not belonged to Adam, he could not have given it away. That doesn’t sound all that complicated to understand, but man has a hard time believing it because Satan has convinced most people they are nothing more than a worm worthy of receiving every bad thing that happens to them in life. What a lie man has believed. When Jesus came to earth, He reclaimed it for man and has returned ownership of it into the hands of men. Therefore whatever happens on the earth man has to allow it to take place. But, despite all that Jesus did for us, the deceiver has been able to keep man in the dark about the event and has gotten us to go along with his plans for the destruction of it. Make no mistake about it, Satan’s intentions are to destroy mankind by whatever means he can, and he doesn’t care how our death comes about as long as we are removed out of his sight. But, God also has a plan. If man will submit to Him and let Him teach us who we are and what we were created to be, He will move heaven and earth to see that we win over every situation we will ever face in life. God’s plan for you and I includes a future full of hope, living in power and authority over all the works of the enemy, now in this life, and forevermore. How do we institute God’s plan into our life? God’s desire is for man to repent of his sins, turn to Him and allow Him to turn us into the man He desires for us to be. His plan is for us to accept our role in creation as sons of the Most High God and to rule and reign with Him over all of creation forever. I know that is hard for some to believe because we have believed for so long that we are nothing but dirt, and will never be more than dirt; but God’s Word tells us we were created to be son’s of God, kings of the earth, endued with all of the power of heaven supporting us. God Bless, and have a Wonderful Day in the Lord. DThrash


  1. DThrasher

    Thank You. DThrash

  2. internet elias

    Beautiful post. You are among a seeming minority who sees Satan for what he REALLY is…a hater of God and all God’s creation. And he NEVER gets the credit he’s due. In my southern neck of the woods folks say they don’t approve of lottery because it will cause some to gamble excessively and not feed their families. NO! That would be Mr. Lucifer who is to blame…not a lottery. Or they say don’t vote Democrat because they are responsible for abortion and gay marriage. NO! Again, that would be Mr. Lucifer….not a law made of ink and paper. The world is dark and becoming darker. High time we call it like it is and give Mr. Lucifer credit and cast light on those who yield themselves to him. We need to stop labeling other things and label the real perpetrator…the destroyer, father of lies, hater of God, enemy of all Good, great deceiver, Lucifer.

    Wooser = Wucifer. 🙂

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