Why Doesn’t God Do Something?

When a Christian is in a crisis there has not been a one of us that hasn’t asked the question, “Why doesn’t God do something?” The truth is, God is asking us the same question, “Why don’t YOU do something about your situation?” We have a tendency to think God is slow in responding to our needs, but God is not the one who is slow. He responded to our needs when Jesus died on that cross overlooking Jerusalem and rose again from the grave. Everything we will ever need in life to be a successful Christian has already been done for us. So when we ask the question, “Why doesn’t God do something?” We are showing our ignorance. We are where we are in life because we won’t do what we need to do to win our battles. God has placed within each of us the ability to defeat every enemy that rises up against us, but we find ourselves being defeated time after time by a lesser enemy. I know God has to be shaking His head and saying to Himself, “Why won’t my children do what I have commanded them to do? Why do they make everything so hard for themselves?” For us to receive, all we have to do is believe; and to believe, all we have to do is READ and follow the instructions in the Book. God couldn’t have made it any easier for us to be winners. 
We lose battle after battle because we are spiritually retarded. We can hear every voice in the world but the voice of the Spirit. We see everything that is going on and think; this is the way things have to be, and we can’t do anything about them. But the things of this world that we know so much about is set up to deceive the child of God. The things of this world are only here to benefit our natural life; they are not the source of life and if we didn’t need them for food and shelter, God would not have put them on the earth. Other than meeting our basic needs, they serve no useful purpose. That is why we can’t put stock in them nor allow ourselves to think they are anything other than what they are. Jesus said to Satan, “Get behind me, Satan! You are an offense to me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.” [Matthew 16:23] Meaning Satan doesn’t know what is going on in the mind of God, or in heaven, but he is very familiar with the things of this earth and uses them to confuse man concerning the things of God. If we believe nothing we see, and very little of what we hear, just maybe we would begin to understand the scriptures. If we had ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us, we would hear Him say, “Where are the weapons I gave you?” “Where is your shield of faith?” Where is your sword?” Why aren’t you using the authority you have been given to establish a base of operation from which to work in your city, town, village, etc?” “Where is your key to victory that locks up death and hell?” “Why won’t you do what I say?” “Why don’t you study my love letter and learn from me?” “Why do you complain when everything you need to be victorious over your situation is in your mouth and in your hand?” “When are you going to start resisting your problems and stop crying about every little thing that happens in life?” The answer to all of your problems is in the Book. Read my Book!
I am an observer of people and I pay attention to what Christians say when they are in a difficult situation, and have come to realize many Christians pretend to be helpless and pretend they don’t know what to do when trouble comes hoping God will take care of their situation, but God isn’t going to take care of our situation until we do what we have been instructed to do in His Word. Nobody on earth has the quality of weapons God has given to us to defeat our enemies. Who can remove sin, sickness, disease, demon possession, heal broken bodies and never have to use a material object to do such. God has placed in the hands of His children the power and the weapons to do the same things Jesus did when He was on the earth. If we would make an effort to learn how to use what God has given to us to defend ourselves and set the captives free, the world would be turned upside down in a matter of months. But instead of learning how to use what we have been given, we stumble in the darkness wondering “Why doesn’t God do something?” while He is observing us and wondering “What is wrong with my children?”
When Christians understand our relationship with God is a partnership, we will move forward establishing His plan in the earth. But, at the present time we lack understanding, (Hosea 4:6) so we find ourselves wondering around aimlessly benefiting no one. God cannot and will not do for us what He has given us to do, and we have no right to expect Him to do His part and our part too. Jesus did not ask the Father to do for Him what the Father had sent Him to do, and Jesus was our example to learn from. When we run into something we can’t handle, our Father God will take care of it. But when we have the power within ourselves to do something about a situation and we do nothing, God is not going to get involved. I know that will be hard for some to believe, but observe your own actions as a parent. When you tell your children to do a certain thing, you expect them to do it. Don’t You? Well, God is the Parent and we are His children. All of us have assigned responsibilities and we are expected to do them. Our Father is not going to do for us what He has told us to do, and the sooner we realize that truth, the sooner we will grow up and learn how to win our battles instead of losing them because we refuse to find out what our responsibilities are.
We are the hands, the feet, and the mouth of God on this earth. He has chosen to limit His power to what we are willing to do to accomplish His purposes. Jesus showed us how to accomplish our mission, and our Father expects us to carry out His plans for the salvation of the world. If we won’t preach the Word, it won’t be preached; and we will answer to God for our failure to follow His plan. If we won’t lay hands on the sick and heal them, they most likely won’t be healed. And if we won’t cast the devil out of demon possessed people; they won’t be set free. If we won’t live our life in such a way that exemplifies God; no one will. It is our life and we are accountable to our Creator for what we do with it. (Romans 14:12) The world cannot do our job, and God won’t; so that only leaves us to do what we have been commanded to do by the one who will judge us one day. (John 8:50) But if we will not examine our lives to see where we are falling short, the Lord will; and we may not like the punishment that follows His judgment. The thoughts I have expressed are not to frighten people but to help us understand everyone of us has a job to do, and if we won’t do our assigned jobs; people elsewhere in the world are paying with their life. So let’s examine our life and begin from where we are to get to where we know we need to be in our relationship with the Lord that we might become the example in this world God has called us to be. God Bless, and have a Wonderful Day in the Lord. DThrash

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