Help, I’m Being Sifted

Sifting is a process whereby the chaff is separated from the grain, but before the grain can be ground into flour, meal, or whatever it is to be used for; the chaff that surrounds the grain must first be removed. In olden times this was done by placing a fair amount of grain on a large cloth and flipping the grain up into the air over and over again which allowed the falling grain to bang against one another dislodging the chaff from the other grain heads. As the grain was tossed into the air the wind would then blow away the loosened chaff leaving the pure grain behind. Once the sifting process was completed and all the chaff removed, the grain was then stored in a dry place and was ready for use when needed. 
The sifting of a Christian’s life is very much like the sifting of grain. At times our life is turned upside down so that we bang against one another until the chaff in our life is dislodged and blown away. Do you wonder why you get irritated at people, or people get irritated at you? It just might be that the two of you are banging against one another because you both have chaff in your life that God wants removed. The Christian gets into trouble when he does not understand the cleansing process and attempts to hang onto the sin in his life. Of course the removal of sin would not be necessary if we had been born perfect and had never sinned, but since we have all sinned, the Lord begins our cleansing process separating us from our old habits shortly after we are born again. Most people understand there are things in our lives that must be removed before we can be fully used by the Lord to accomplish His purposes upon the earth. So it would be a lot easier on us if we let the Lord clean us up the first time He brings a matter to our conscience rather than going through the sifting process time and time again. 
Every person who became great in the bible was sifted or tested many times throughout their life. The Lord was sifted for forty days in the desert even though He had never sinned. The Apostles were sifted and was found faithful even unto death. The first century church was sifted, and the church down through the ages was sifted, and we, too, will be sifted until we are purified from the sin (chaff) that clings to us. And for many of us our sifting will be even unto death. The sifting process is to purify us and make us acceptable unto God. That is the only reason God allows sifting to take place. The bible tells us in [Proverbs 3:11-12] “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor detest His correction: For whom the Lord loves He corrects, just as the father the son in whom he delights.” Do not misunderstand, the words ‘chastening’ and ‘correction’ in these two scriptures is talking about making pure or removing something from our life that is stopping us from becoming all we can be, and replacing what was removed with something that is beneficial and will add life to our life.  
Dross surrounds a gold nugget like chaff surrounds the grain head. And for the dross to be removed from the gold nugget tremendous heat has to be applied to the nugget for a specified length of time if the gold is to become a piece of gold jewelry, a gold ingot, or a gold coin. And if the gold were able to talk; it would tell you the smeltering process is a process of endurance; but the end result is worth it. And, as you know, the cleansing process of the Christian can be just as difficult. But both the gold and the Christian after purification rites have been accorded them; shine forth with magnificent beauty and become items of great value. So let us not complain when we are thrown into the hot furnace of life. Let us understand that it is God cleansing us of the impurities of life so we can reach our full potential. After all, the Lord will not be joined to a prostitute, filthy and sinned filled, but rather to a bride who has purified herself while making preparation for the coming of the King of Glory. The Bride of Christ will be a beautiful bride, adorned in glory just as the Lord her Master. And the two of them will shine brighter than the firmament in the overhead sky and all of creation will adore them. But if the Christian does not allow themselves to be purified by the sifting process; I personally do not think they will be in the number that make up the bride of Christ; but will rather be cast out onto the refuse pile just as the chaff and the dross are discarded. God Bless, and have a Wonderful Day in the Lord. DThrash


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