Sleeping With The Enemy Does Not Change A Thing

Mankind is a stranger in the land of their enemy and we should be wise enough to live with the expectation that trouble can arrive at our door at any time. He seems to have the uncanny ability to come calling when he is least expected; doesn’t he? My guess is his timing always seems to be perfect because we are under constant surveilence. Especially those of us who have already gained our freedom from him, but are still in his territory resisting him as freedom fighters for our Master. If we prepare ourselves it really doesn’t matter what time he shows up; we can stop him cold if we remain in a constant state of awareness with our God-issued weapons always close at hand. But if we allow ourselves to become preoccupied, or if we allow ourselves to become separated from each other, we present less of a problem for him and we will suffer injury to the strongholds of our money, our health, or our state of mind. Since these three areas represent our natural strength, they are the areas that most often come under attack. Our secondary line of defense should be to protect our relationships with one another. If we are weak in any of these four areas, we are vulnerable, and he is going to make a concerted effort to enter our stronghold through one of those openings. And once he gets inside our camp, he can cause a lot of damage, and maybe even permanent damage from which we may never recover. That’s why we have to listen to and follow the commands of our Master to the best of our abilities. If we are obedient to following orders, our chances are excellent that we will not only thwart the enemy’s attacks, but emerge from them with all of our holdings intact, stronger than we were before.

We come under attack by the enemy because he cannot afford to let a Christian freedom fighter, or his family, or village, or city, or country live in his midst without trying to remove them. If he should look the other way and allow the Christian freedom fighters to set up camp in his territory, he knows it wouldn’t be long before our numbers would increase ten fold. But, on the otherhand, if we allow ourselves to become preoccupied with gathering up the blessings of our Master and withholding them from the captured ones who live around us and for whom we receive the abundant blessings, we become useless to the King we serve. Our Master’s kingdom only expands when we grow in number and strength according to His plan. We cannot be dislodged from within the enemy’s borders if we remain constantly alert, refuse to be separated from one another for any reason, and use the God-given weapons we have been issued. “Where two of you are gathered together in my name, there am I in your midst.” Matthew 18:20 You, me, and He, makes three, and that threesome is a stronger force than any number the enemy can marshal against us. When we stand with weapons in hand back to back with the Lord, there is no one from the enemy camp who can overthrow our position. No one!

I wrote yesterday, “Trouble Cometh.” It comes because we are strangers living in the land of our enemy. But our Jesus has told us to prepare ourselves because, “In this world you shall have tribulation (trouble), but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” Since Jesus passed before us through the land we occupy and defeated the enemy commandant; we are able to hold our positions and prosper, if we do the things listed above. The Lord also tells us, “No man (enemy) shall be able to stand before you.” Deuteronomy 7:24 Or, in other words, no man, no enemy, can prevent us from advancing the Lord’s Kingdom and prospering and growing in the process. To me that is encouraging news.

But, I am sad to report that not all of our Master’s freedom fighters have obeyed His instructions. Many of them have witnessed the ferociousness of the enemys attacks, and have laid down their weapons and given up their homesteads and have become slaves to their captor. Some of them are hoping for their rescuer to come save them, but many are sleeping with the enemy in hopes he will do them no further harm not understanding he has no use for them other than to do his bidding and to act as a go-between between him and their comrades. They also do not understand they are in far more danger once they have surrendered their will to him than they were when they were resisting. They do not seem to understand the enemy commandant has no respect for them. To him they are less than dirt, but their return to their former station in life is of the utmost importance to our Master and their return is our primary project. They are the crops we harvest. It is in them we plant the seed of the Word of God and water it. Many of the captured one’s are illiterate in the sense they have no knowledge or understanding of who their real Master is, but that does not mean their Master has forgotten them. His desire to free them remains unchanged, as should ours. He wants the release of all His captive people despite the mistreatment they may have received while in the custody of their captor, and He will receive them in whatever condition they are and restore them to their original state because He loves them. He wants them back among His number; and our Christian duty as Christian Freedom Fighters of our Lord to our brothers in prison is to free them from their harsh taskmaster and see that they are returned into the possession of their rightful owner. Dthrash


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