I Created (Satan) The Destroyer, To Destroy

Satan is one most people know very little about because we think if we ignore him or deny he exists he will go away. And of course when we are dumb about certain things we are likely to believe anything. That is why some people because of their ignorance of spiritual matters think Satan is super powerful and is a god. While others who are even more ignorant deny his existence. But in general most people are just confused about his reason for being; and this includes God’s church, who should know not only what he does, but who he is, and what his purpose is for being.

The title of this blog came from Isaiah 54:16 in which God talks about Satan and for what reason he was created. “Behold, I have created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire, who brings forth an instrument for his work; and I have created (Satan) the destroyer, to destroy. Here we have in a nutshell the works of men and Satan. God created man to work and gave him the knowledge to defend himself in a world where he is encased in a fleshly body warring against spiritual beings he cannot see with his naked eye. Men must come to understand what their purpose is in life, and unless they like getting their butts kicked they need to understand the workings and the modus operandi of their enemy who tempts us and test us so our Heavenly Father can see what is in our hearts. Or, another way of saying this is, “To see what we are made of as a person. Do we have mettle or not?” (If you want a better understanding of this idea read Deuteronomy chapter 8.) But what we see most of the time is people who when hard times come they harden their hearts against God and run away from Him. God has told us, He created Satan, the destroyer, to destroy and that is what he does to those who separate themselves from their creator.

People make a big deal out of Satan, but when Jesus came he treated him the way church people are to treat him. Satan destroys, and our job as it was for Jesus is to stop his work and make things right again in the lives of the people he has hurt. Satan is not to be feared anymore than our vacuum cleaners are to be feared, and hopefully we are not afraid of our vacuum cleaner. We turn them on and use them to fulfill their purpose of cleaning our carpets; but, if we do not follow the instructions that come with the vacuum cleaner when we purchased it and stick our fingers in the beater brushes while the appliance is still running, we are going to hurt some fingers. Common sense tells us, “If we don’t want the vacuum cleaner to injure us, we must follow the instructions and turn the vacuum cleaners power supply off before attempting to work on it.”  If we want to stop the destructive force of sin in our lives we have to disconnect from the power source of sin. Satan is the source and the power of sin and Jesus used four words to disconnect from him; “I REBUKE YOU SATAN!” and the power of Satan was cut off. Jesus told the church, “Whatsoever you ask (or demand) in my name I will do it.” Most people think this only refers to prayer, but it refers to ‘whatsoever’ and that includes telling Satan, “I rebuke you Satan in Jesus name!” How did Jesus say He would respond to our demand or our asking Him to get involved in our situation? He said, “I will do it.” Jesus is our key to victory over Satan and every demonic force that raises its ugly head against His church.

A new vacuum cleaner comes with instructions and warnings which the owner should read and follow if they want the appliance to work properly and function safely. Our Christian walk also comes with an instruction booklet called the Holy Bible, which not only contains instructions, but warnings. If we want to learn how to deal with Satan the destroyer, and walk sin free, we have to read God’s instruction book and adhere to His instruction. If we don’t read it and do what it instructs us to do, Satan is going to continue to beat our brains out. That’s his job and he does it well. Don’t you think it is time the church wised up, follows God’s instructions, and started giving back to the devil more than he gives us? I do! DThrash



  1. DThrasher

    You are so right. We as Christians should know and believe why Jesus came, and why He died the death He did. Satan is no god, he is a liar and the father of all cowards. He hides behind the helpless to kill innocent people. And when his fools are not killing the helpless and the innocent, they are killing each other with STD’s, drugs, alcohol, and many other things all in the name of a good time.

    Leon, this next paragraph is to those fools who blindly follow Satan to their destruction. What kind of a fool buys himself a headache then tells himself he had a good time doing it? The only thing that person did was trade x number of hours of their already short life span for a headache. If you make ten dollars an hour on your job and you spent a hundred dollars for your headache, you just traded ten hours of your life and a hundred dollars, or 1 and 1/4 work days for a headache, and that isn’t counting the hours you wasted doing it. That’s the cold hard facts of life. So you had better enjoyed your good time because your shrinking bank account and that headache is telling you they were trying to reject it and that you are a fool. Don’t you know Satan hates everything about you and anything else that even resembles God. Which leads us to the question; “Why do fools follow Satan?” Because their minds have been blinded to the truth that controls life; and they think they are just too kool to read the bible and follow the one who gives them true life. DThrash

  2. This is very interesting point . I think you came right to the heads of peoples whats they should know. I:m a true believer of God. First of all we must be obedient to our Creator, follow his word an live according to his laws.
    we’re save my grace that our Lord Jesus gave his life for our sins .Now i understand what John 3:16 means. God created Mankind so we can loves an lives by his laws that he put in his word. This is the verse that i live my
    2Tim: 2:15 Study to show myself approveable to God ,not man but God.

  3. There is obviously a lot to learn about this. There were some pretty good points.


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