Do Not Be Afraid, Mary!

Have you ever become afraid when you were told some exciting news that was going to change your life and you were unsure how you would deal with the change? I was the day my wife told me she was pregant with our first child. In an instance I had a million thoughts running through my mind. Will I be a good father? Will I know what to do if my wife isn’t there and an emergency arises? Will I be able to provide for her? Will she love me as much as I already love her? I am quite sure Mary had many of these same questions running through her mind when she was told what God wanted to do. I was thirty-three years old when I got the news of my wife’s pregnancy; Mary was a fourteen year old girl. No words had ever been heard by mortal ear as Mary heard that day. The God of creation wanted to visit earth and live among men so he could experience all they would experience in life, and He wanted to die as men die. This message was so important that God sent His message by Gabriel, His chief messenger, to this young girl to tell her she had been specially chosen by God Himself to be a part of His great plan for the salvation of mankind. You talk about a big deal; this was a big deal. Nothing like it had ever been done in the earth before, nor would it ever happen again. God wanted to be born into the earth as a baby and be enveloped in a fleshly human body, walk among men so they could touch Him, talk to Him face to face, and be witness to the great power of His glory through the works He would do among them. And the God of creation wanted mankind to witness the power within themselves to become more than he ever hoped to be when that person was in union with His God; and He wanted to use a fourteen year old girl named Mary to accomplish this deed.

In our little finite minds we can’t begin to imagine the impact this action was going have on her life, and our life, and her future, and ours. God was asking Mary to trust Him with her life despite her tender age because her life would never be ordinary again. Not only would she witness her miraculuous impregnation by the Holy Spirit of God, and the birth of His Son, but also His death, and the power of His resurrection. And with the angel’s visit to Mary, God simply said to her through His angel, Gabriel, “Do not be afraid, Mary.” Have you ever wondered how you would have responded had this important event happened to you? I don’t know any grown men that could have handled this news as well as Mary did on that day. She simply said, “Let it be unto me according to your word.” And she trusted God to take care of the rest. The text for my blog today was taken from the Christmas Story in the book of Luke, chapter one, verses thirty through thirty-eight. Have a Wonderful Day in the Lord. DThrash


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