Can You Walk On Water? Yes, You Can.

The reason people don’t walk on water is they think it is impossible. And of course everything we think is impossible, is impossible to us. Who would have thought men would walk on the moon? Or, climb Mt. Everest, or sail across the ocean, or fly like a bird, or walk under water, or any other thing that seemed to be impossible at first sight. Jesus tells us in Mark 9:23, “If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.” And He should know because He is the first person mentioned in history that walked on water. And the men who did all of the other things listed above did so because they believed, they, too, could do the impossible. If it were not for the adventuresome spirit of some men; we would all still be grouped together in the cradle of life, hemmed in by the rivers surrounding it. But there are people who refuse to be hemmed in by their circumstances and set out to change them by overcoming them, and in the process of overcoming their circumstances, they make the impossible, possible.

What we should have learned from the men who accomplished those things that first appeared to be impossible to others is they did not accomplish their feats alone. It took a cooperative effort of men and things to accomplish their objectives. The bible teaches us in Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Here again, God tells us we will need assistance if we are to overcome the impossibles in our life. But, He assures us, if He is with us, or we are with Him, nothing will be impossible to us, or all things become possible to the person who believes, depending on how you want to look at the situation. However, regardless of how we look at it, He is telling us some things are impossible for one man to accomplish by himself, but with help, everything becomes possible. So the answer to my original question of, “Can you walk on water?” The answer is a, “Definite, yes.” We don’t because we do not yet believe we can; but when we change our way of thinking, we will. My personal belief is there is coming a time in the not too distant future where Christians will do many things that appear to be impossible to us right now. And just as people are aware that Moses performed one miracle after another for the Israelites in the desert when they were without food and water, they are also aware he did not do these miralces alone. And I believe if God aided His people back then through the hands of Moses, He will certainly do those same kinds of things for those of us who live for Him today. Dthrash

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