Are The Dead, Really Dead? (Part Three of Three)

Are we talking about soul sleep? No, because the soul and spirit of man does not stay with the body in the grave. They go to their eternal destination when the last breath has been drawn based upon what the person did in this life. Are we talking about reincarnation because we live, fall asleep, and rise sometime later with another body that is sin free? No, even though the life cycle of man and the butterfly might lead those who lack understanding to think so. The life of the butterfly began in a cocoon, and man in the womb before entering into a process of stages where we emerge at the end more beautiful than when our life cycles began. Man is a spiritual being made after the similitude of his Creator. God is eternal and cannot die. That makes men not only eternal, but indestructable and therefore can not die. Even though death has no affect upon us; we can be separated from the source of life and punished for our rebellion. God calls that situation hell. Those of us who live for the Lord in this present life shall be in the presence of Life forever. Those who choose not to live for Him will spend eternity somewhere away from His presence. It is entirely our choice as to where we spend our eternity. DThrash

I wrote a message a short while ago titled, “This Old House Needs A Coat Of Paint,” in which I stated, a house is only a building when it is not occupied by people. It’s the people who make a house a home, otherwise the house is nothing more than an empty building taking up space that could be used to grow food to help feed the population, or to grow trees to help build houses occupied by people. So it is not the house that is important, but the people who live in the house. The house is nothing more than a place of shelter for the people who occupy the home. And people often get confused when they think our human body is the real person when in fact the human body is only the house our spirit and soul occupy. When the spirit and soul of man leaves the house it occupied it falls asleep. People refer to that as death.

My question is are the dead, really dead? Of course not! Humans do not die because they are eternal and indestructable just like the God we are made in the image of. Our present dwelling place needs a paint job every now and then and a little maintenance just like the homes we dwell in, but then again, the house is only there to be occupied by people or the spirit and soul of man. The house and the body of man serves no other purpose. When the house deteoriates, we either repair it, or burn it, and build it again more beautiful than it was the first time. Our human body deteoriates and we either repair it, or it collapes around us and its inhabitants move out. Is the house dead because it falls in? Is it not still a house, but with a different look than it previously had? Is our body dead just because it stops breathing? Is it not still a human body regardless of how it looks after having been in the ground awhile? The Apostle Paul wrote in the New Testament, “It has been appointed unto every man to die once.” This is another way of saying, “We are going to move out of our present residence that needs a paint job every now and then into a brand new home that will never fall asleep.” Jesus said, “The body does not die?” Dying is a name men have given a body that has been pulled out of service while it undergoes a period of refurbishing. Men practice these types of things all the time in the shipping industry, the airline industry, etc. When a ship or plane grows old and can no longer perform as they once did they are pulled out of service and updated before being returned to service again. The ship and the plane may look the same on the outside after the refurbishing, but on the inside they are brand spanking new and better than ever. Hallelujah! Let us learn to enjoy the rest from our labor because our new home is under construction and is going to be fantastic, and better than we can imagine. DThrash


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