Your Daughter Is Dead! Get On With Your Life.

In today’s blog I will be writing about a situation none of us want to find ourselves in. I am talking about the death of a child and the things well-meaning people say afterwards. The news of his 12 year old daughters death had just been delivered to Jairus, a ruler of a local synagogue by one of his parishoners. The last time Jairus had seen his daughter had been earlier in the day when he realized he needed to go in search of help for her if she was to survive her sickness. When he had left home she was in bed near the point of death. If he had realized at the time just how close to death she was, I doubt that he would of left her. And now he is not only away from her, but has been told the most devasting news a father can hear. To make matters worse; he is told by the news bearer, “Why trouble the Teacher any further?” Or, what the person really said was, “No one can help her now. It’s time to go home, bury your daughter, and get on with your life.” People hear these kinds of words from well-meaning people all the time. And that leads me to ask the question, “How do the well-meaning people who deliver such words know it is time for a person to move on with their life?” The truth is they don’t, and the words they speak to these fragile souls are more powerful than nuclear bombs that can spiritually cripple a person to the point they become useless to God. Not to mention, their words come preloaded with guilt. Damming words are a favorite weapon of Satan to demoralize and sap the strength out of the person that are spoken to. I have said this in my writings before and I will probably say them another thousand times, “Satan is powerless to do anything to us unless we open the door for him to come in and possess us; so he has to use someone who has the power.” And guess who Satan uses? It won’t be a stranger. It will be someone who has our ear; such as an acquaintance, a family member, or someone we are really close to, and who has gained our trust. But, if we are a child of God, we are suppose to know what the works of Satan are, and the works of God. We need to understand Satan hates us, and God loves us, and that fact will never change.

Now let’s look at what would have taken place in the mind of Jairus had he not been in the comforting presence of “The Word of God;” the Father had given the name Jesus, (John 1:14) “You should never have left your daughter’s side. You should have been there with her when she died. How will you ever forgive yourself for deserting her when she needed you the most.” These are the kinds of thoughts that flood our souls and rips our heart in two after hearing the words Satan speaks to us through the mouth of a well-meaning friend. But Jairus wasn’t with just any man, he was in the company of the “Word of God” the only person on earth who could help him. He had found the man with healing in His hands. The Man whom death feared more than men feared death. Jairus was in the company of “The Word of God,” “Jesus, the Christ;” a man “Anointed of God,” who had come to set the captives free, and break the hold of death, hell, and the grave, removing forever the sting of death and Satan’s venonous words.

The story I am telling you is from the Gospel of Mark chapter five. The story begins in verse 21 with Jesus just returning from a trip where He had set a man free of 2,000 demons just a few hours before. “Now when Jesus had crossed over again by boat to the other side, a great multitude gathered to Him; and He was by the sea. And behold, one of the rulers of the synagogue came, Jairus by name. And when he saw Him, he fell at His feet and begged Him earnestly, saying, “My little daughter lies at the point of death. Come and lay your hands on her, that she may be healed, and she will live.” So Jesus went with him, and a great multitude followed Him and thronged Him. Folks, this kind of begging is heartfelt intercessory prayer in behalf of another person who has a great need. When you get right down to it; real prayer is begging the Master to grant our request. Most people don’t like to beg because they conjure up images of a street bum begging for money to spend upon their lust rather than using the money they receive for the purpose they say they need it for. But if we want our prayers answered, we will learn how to humbly beg God to grant our request. He hears those prayers and responds to them immediately just as He did in the case of Jairus. However, I want you to notice there was a slight delay in Jesus granting Jairus’ request. Another person with a great need intercepted Jesus as He was on the way to deliver the miracle Jairus needed. (Mark 5:25-34) As great as our need might be, there other people who have needs as great or greater than our own who also need a touch from Jesus. The prayer of Jairus had touched the heart of Jesus and even though He was delayed slightly, He was going to fulfill the request of Jairus. So if our miracle seems to be taking longer to receive than expected; just remember our prayer was heard the moment we uttered it, and our miracle is on the way. Some people receive their miracle right now, and some people have to wait, but if we do not give up hope, our miracle will arrive as promised.

After the friend of Jairus had delivered his devasting news and told Jairus to go home and get on with his life; Jesus comforted Jairus with the words, “Do not be afraid; only believe. And He permitted no one to follow Him except…” (verse 36-37) From the time Jairus had uttered his request to Jesus, he came under the protective custody of the Lord, and His miracle was on the way. Do you realize the Christian of faith is in the protective custody of the Lord once we have made our request known to Him? And if we do not get over into fear, we will not lose our miracle. Jesus had heard Jairus; and no devil was going to prevent Jesus from meeting his request.

As they continued on their journey, Jesus blocked any further effort on the part of Satan to steal the miracle Jairus needed by putting space between the people accompanying them and Jairus, but Satan wasn’t about to give up; he had another group of people waiting for them when they arrived at the home of Jairus. A direct attact on Jairus by Satan hadn’t worked; so he tried ridicule. Mark 5:40 “So they (the people waiting at the home of Jairus) ridiculed Him. (Jesus) But He put them all outside, …” Because Jairus had come under the protective custody of Jesus, He took authority over the works of Satan and the people he was using in his attempt to stop this miracle from taking place by putting them out of the house, and once that had been accomplished; Jairus receieved his requested miracle.

Do you now understand how the Lords works in our behalf? When we need a miracle from Him; upon the completion of our heartfelt prayer, He will protect the little bit of faith we have and will separate us from the enemy in order to prevent us from getting over into fear. But until the time we actually receive our miracle, Satan will still have people stationed along the way to prevent our miracle from taking place. Just as the Lord protected Jairus during his time of trial, so He will do the same for us. In the end Jairus received his needed miracle, and so will we. As I said earlier, our miracle may take place immediately and without a fight. Other times there may be quite a struggle, but all we need is faith the size of a mustard seed to receive our miracle. God works with us to see that we receive our need met. Satan resists us and he will use the people we know to try and rob us of our miracles, and they will if we let them. Do you understand?  Your friends mean well, but most of them do not realize Satan is using them in his attempt to thwart your miracle. Jesus told Jairus, “Do not fear; only believe.” That message never changes. The same message He spoke to Jairus is the same message He speaks to us. “Do not fear; dearly beloved; only believe.” DThrash


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