The Borrower Is Subject To The Lender

If you are one of the fortunate people who are serving the Lord and have not gotten yourself into debt; consider yourself extremely blessed and wise. That is not the case for the majority of the 84% of Americans who call themselves Christian. Brothers and sisters have you ever really given any thought concerning why God blesses His children? You know God has a reason for doing everything He does. He doesn’t do things because He has nothing else to do. God blesses His children for a reason; and it isn’t just so we can spend His provisions upon our lust and live in the costliest houses or drive the fanciest cars and wear designer clothes. Sure God wants us to look good and be comfortable, and He doesn’t want us living on the street corners of life begging bread from His enemy or eating the worlds left overs out of dumpsters; but neither do we have to dress like kings to let the world know that God has blessed us. And especially not if it means we are spending money we don’t have to purchase those items. There is a scripture in the proverbs that tells us, “The borrower is subject to the lender.”  [Proverbs 22:7b] Or in other words, Solomon tells us a person in debt isn’t any longer their own man until they have paid their debt to the lender. From the time we borrow until the debt is paid off; that lender has a claim on a portion of our life and income; and if we don’t pay him what he is owed; he can stake a claim on what we own and take possession of it. That’s the law! And if we owe more than one creditor; we have more than one person taking away a part of our paycheck; and the more debt we have to pay off, the less we have for our own personal use. God made us to be free men. The only person we are to be in debt to is the Lord. And every person on the face of this earth owes the Lord a debt they can never pay; it can only be forgiven. And as you well know earthly lenders are not as forgiving of our debts as the Lord is. They want what is due them on the date due; and if it isn’t paid by that date they add interest and penalties to it and take yet more of our paycheck. However, when we are born again, God gives us an opportunity to start over no matter what shape our life is in. And if we will do things His way He will teach us how to live free of debt, overcome the sin in our life, and rise above every situation that has a claim on our life. God’s desire is for all of His children to be free men. People who are happy, healthy and whole; free to serve Him with their whole heart. He wants us so because “Debt is a cancer that is consuming the body of Christ.” Because of our ignorance of God’s Word and because we are a self seeking people; the church of Jesus Christ is as full of this debt cancer as any person in the world. The church is the instrument God brought into the world to be a shining example of His power and love to the lost and dying that they might see how truly blessed the body of Christ is and want to be a partaker of their blessings. But because the church is as sick and as broke as those who don’t know Him; God’s glory and magnificence is not being reflected into the world. And Satan uses the poor state of the church to point out to the unbeliever that the majority of them are living better than those persons who say they serve God. The sad truth is; the devil is right. In most cases the world does live better than the church; they are healthier because they exercise more, they are more aggressive in their pursuit of happiness, and they are more prosperous. Jesus made the statement in the “Parable of the Unjust Steward” in [Luke 16:8] in comparing the people of the world with the children of God, “For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light.”
I have often wondered if the church knows why God blesses us. And by the way, we are all blessed whether we know it or not. We may not think so because we have spent more than our allotted blessing, but we are blessed. The Christian gets into debt and trouble when they try to live like the rich man down the block and spend more than they have coming in. Our income is our allotted blessing. And when we have more money going out than coming in, we are in debt. The person who goes into debt is promising to pay for something based upon future earnings that may or may not be there when they get there. And when they get there and the money isn’t there as they hoped it would be; they then realize they have a problem. The problem was birthed when they began living on presumption and not God’s Word. I know a lot of people think it is impossible to live debt free because of the cost of everything. But when a person thinks that way they are believing the lies of Satan and eliminating God from the equation. The devil is the author of the world’s financial system and it is not designed to bless; it is designed to take away from us the blessings of God. But if we will follow God’s plan and do as He instructs us to become givers to whom He directs us; He will take what we give and multiply it to not only to meet the needs of other people, but our needs as well. It is when we are in debt and don’t have the money to give gifts that we end up keeping back what God would have used to bless us. God cannot bless what we do not give.
Christian are supposed to be smart enough to realize that God’s intentions are for His children to take of what He has blessed us with to further His kingdom upon the earth. If He did not intend for us to further His kingdom on the earth; He would not have commanded us to become givers to the local church to help those people whose needs are greater than our own. People don’t realize this, but when we do not give to the local church like we are suppose to, the person God wanted to bless with the money we should have given won’t receive the blessing God intended for them to receive. And do people not realize that we are accountable to God for the care of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. The Christian thinks small and has a tendency only to think locally, but God thinks globally. He sees the needs of those people on the other side of the world just as clearly as He sees our needs. We have a tendency to only be concerned with the needs of our own household, but God has the needs of every person on the earth on His mind. And if the church doesn’t look out for those people who live a half a world away; who is going to? The devil? No. He’s the one trying to kill them. God’s children are the one’s who are supposed to help God save them by giving a portion of what He has given to us to bless them so they too might have the opportunity to come to know Christ as their Savior.
Brothers and sisters, God uses what the Christian gives to the needy not only to meet their need but to introduce Himself to that person and the Holy Spirit can then minister to that person creating a desire in their heart to learn more about the loving God of the Christian. But if the Christian has nothing to give to the needy because they spent more than they should have trying to keep up with their rich neighbor; the Holy Spirit has nothing to work with and that person is being cheated out of an opportunity to meet the Lord because we didn’t give offerings as the Lord has commanded. It is easy for a hungry person to turn a person off when their empty belly is speaking louder to them than the words of the preacher, but when that physical hunger has been satisfied with food given in the name of Jesus Christ; that person is more open to trying to understand why a perfect stranger would help them expecting nothing in return. DThrash


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