Who Touched Me? (Part One)

There is a story in Mark chapter 5 that tells us a lady had been bleeding for twelve years. She had spent all the money she had searcing for a cure, but found none. She was like the sinner who spends all their money on things that can’t help them find the relief they so desparately need. Her issue of blood and the sinners pain is more than they can cope with on their own. After a time, her wealth was gone because she had spent all of her money on doctors who could not help her. The sinner likewise will spend all they have on alcohol, drugs, doctors, mental health professionals, counselors and the like; not understanding that none of these things can cure their sin problem. The best these things can do is provide temporary relief, but with the rising of the sun, the pain returns. However this lady was not like most people, when her money was gone, she did not lose hope. When she heard of a person in Israel who was performing miracles, she went in search of Him. And when she found Him, she told herself, “If I only may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.”

Are you listening sinner, cold hearted one, luke warm one? Your help is as near as the words in your mouth. (Romans 10:8-10) But you have to start the ball rolling. Who knows how far this lady had to travel to get to Jesus? Distance was not going to stop her from receiving her need met. And you will have to initiate the action just like she did if you want to get the attention of the only ONE who can help you. She went to Him, reached out and touched His garments, and her hearts desire was granted. Now listen to this; When she touched the clothes of the Lord, she did so secretly, but He knew someone with a great need had touched Him despite being jostled around by the large crowd rubbing shoulders with Him, and He turned to the people asking, “Who touched me?” The story tells us after the lady touched the Lord, “Immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction.” Isn’t that amazing? She reached out and touched the Lord and received immediate relief. Despite her secret touch, the Lord knew someone with a need only He could meet had made contact with Him. Jesus wanted to know who this person was whose hand of faith had touched Him, but no one spoke up. No one had seen her touch Him, no one had heard her say, “If I only may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.” So, “He looked around and saw her who had done this thing.” But the woman, fearing and trembling, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell down before Him, and told Him the whole truth. Can you imagine; the Lord wasn’t angry because someone had tapped into His power without first asking Him. Instead of being upset at her, the Lord replied, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.”

Sinner, cold hearted one, luke warm one, are you listening? Her desire was to be healed because she had been dealing with this issue of blood problem for twelve long miserable years, and even though she tried to keep what she intended to do a secret, the Lord still knew when faith touched Him. She received her healing and you will receive the help you need if you will reach out and touch Him just like this lady did. You can do this in secret when no one is around, but the Lord will know you touched Him, and He is the one that counts. Reach out and touch Him now. Stop giving your money to the bar owner, the drug dealer, and the people who can’t give you the life you desire. Go to the one who can, and touch Him; and He will say to you as He did to this lady, “Son, daughter, your faith has made you a whole person. Go in peace, and be free of your affliction, your addiction, your problem.” DThrash.



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    You weren’t real specific with your question, so I will assume you are talking about touching God. The whole bible is about the sin of man and the goodness of God. For a person to be cured of his sin problem they must do three things. They must recognize man cannot cure their sin problem, they must go in search of the Lord, who is the Christ in the body of a man, or Jesus, and when they find Him, they have to reach out to Him until contact is made. This lady wanted to be rid of her blood issue, she tried man’s way and spent all her money on doctors, but to no avail. The life of this lady is the picture of the life of a sinner. She spent all the money she had trying to get rid of a problem man couldn’t cure and the sinner will spend all they have trying to get rid of the results of their sin.

    The last person this lady thought of going to was the Lord… that is until her money ran out. When all else failed she went to the problem solver, Jesus, and He solved her health problem. Sin will kill a person just as dead as this lady’s blood issue would have killed her. The one behind her illness and the one behind the sin in a person’s life is the same person. Satan’s desire is to separate you from the One who loves you and wants to see you saved, healed and receive eternal life. The other one wants to see you dead and in hell with him and he doesn’t care how you die just as long as you die. Heaven and hell are the only two choices available to us and there is only one way to get into either of them. That is… we choose our eternal future just like this lady had to choose between staying home and dying or going in search of the Lord and receiving her healing. I chose to go in search of the Lord and to keep searching for Him until I found Him, and when I found Him, I still had to reach out and make contact with Him, when I did, He saved me and set me free of my sin problem. Jesus Christ is the answer for all of man’s problems. If you think there is another way into heaven; you are believing a lie because all those dudes are dead and in the grave. Jesus is alive and is sitting on His throne. In the first book of the bible, He is the seed of the woman, in the gospels, He is the Savior, in the book of Acts He is the risen king, and in the book of Revelation, He is the soon coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Great I AM. The first time He came as a baby to save man. The next time He comes, it will be to slay them as He pours out God wrath on sinful men who refuse to recognize Him for Who He is. DThrash

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