Overcoming Struggles: A Lifelong Experience

Enduring struggles is like lifting weights; they either make us stronger or we will buckle under the pressure of them. That’s why not many people are body builders, and not many Christians are overcoming Christians. But in all reality, life is one long struggle with a pit stop here and there to refuel and prepare for the next leg of the journey. It seems to me like I overcome one problem only to encounter another. And based upon my experiences I have come to understand hardships to a certain degree. Struggles are life learning experiences from which we glean valuable information that will cause us to rise above similar situations, or we will keep enduring the same struggle over and over until we learn to overcome it.

In an earlier writing I called our life experiences, “pass/fail courses in reality.” We either pass the course the first time or we keep retaking the same course over and over again until we do. The second thing I have learned about struggles is that even though we resist them, they move us from one place in life to another. I realize the struggles I undergo are like the waves of the sea. They just keep coming and I either learn how to get through them or I will find myself washed ashore upon the rock infested beach of life. The power of the wave is not on the surface of the water but is a result of something far more powerful going on below the surface. And every sea faring man understands that every wave of the sea between him and his destination must be overcome if he is to safely reach the shores of his destination. and the seaman must be fully assured that his ship is seaworthy if it is to endure the beatings it will take from the continuous pounding of the waves or the seaman will not only suffer the loss of his ship and its cargo, but the crew as well. The third thing I have learned about life’s struggles is that each one will come to an end at some point just as every sea voyage reaches its destination point.

Our life Struggles are nothing more than resistance to our normal way of life. Everything faces resistance in some form or another. The earth is resisted by wind, water, heat and cold. These elements have an effect upon our life just like they do the earth. We call their effect upon the earth, erosion, because its resistance is moving some part of the earth from one place to another, thus the landscape of the earth has changed over the eons of time. What the landscape looks like now is vastly different from what it looked like in the beginning. And our life like the landscape of the earth is shaped by the resistance we face. Our struggle against the resistance causes our bodies to look older and grow weaker and as our bodies grow older they undergo change as the resisting forces of life gradually wears them down. For some, that change takes place much faster than it does for others, but we are all changed by that resistance and as our body starts to weaken the change takes place at a much faster pace. We call this change “the aging process,” but the change occurs from our daily struggle with the various kinds of resistance we encounter in life. If our natural bodies faced no resistance it would live forever. But since we face continual resistance upon our natural bodies no one is going to make it out of this world alive because that resistance will eventually win out.
It is a common fact that everything in life wears out. It does so because of the effects of the resistance at work upon it. The proud ship that once sailed the mighty seas will one day give way to rust and will no longer be a useful, trustworthy vessel; and the human body will wear out and pass away because of the resistance it faces is constant and never lets up. People have different ideas about how we are to best defend ourselves against the resistance we face. Some try to fight it with plastic surgery, exercise and the like, but try as we might, in the end the resistance wins out. It wins out because of a single incident that took place a long time ago. The resistance we face in this life has a name; God calls it Sin. Sin is the resistance of all natural things and contains within itself the ability to break down everything natural. We are told in God’s Word the results of sin will continue its devastating destructive effects upon the earth and its inhabitants until the end of time when He causes the heavens and the earth to pass away and recreates all things new. Until then we can expect to struggle against the never ending resistance that opposes all things. DThrash


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