Weekend Warriors and Part Time Christians

God doesn’t have any weekend warriors or part-time Christians in His service. I know people will argue the lost just aren’t interested in hearing what we have to say. While it is true the sinner may not be interested, that does not mean they do not need to hear about the Lord. I didn’t win a date with my wife the first time I asked her out, but with persistence, I not only got a date, I won her hand in marriage. And if we are to win the lost, it will be with the same zeal we put into everything else in life. The lost are called lost because they have no hope and they don’t have a clue what is awaiting them at the end of their journey. But, we do. And whether or not the sinner wants to hear about the end, we still have a responsibility to the God we serve to tell them about what is coming. We can’t save them, but God can, if we do our part. If we do nothing, we are binding God’s hand from saving them and He will hold us accountable for our lack of effort.

We are the hands, feet, and mouth of God on this earth. He lives in us and speaks through us, so what people see us do, and the things they hear us say affects their view and understanding of God. The question is; are they seeing a true representation of the Almighty God who lives in us, or are they seeing our sinful fleshly nature crying and complaining, cursing and getting angry at the least little thing? We may not realize it, but the sinner’s view and understanding of God is shaped by the Christian’s view and understanding of God. If they have no respect for Him, it is because, we, who call ourselves Christians have no respect for Him. What they see us do and hear us say, tells them God can’t be as big and powerful as we say. If He was Almighty, we would treat Him with more respect, and we would honor Him instead of using His name in vain. This is not only a poor representation of God, but shows the sinner the true depth of our Christianity. This not only confuses them, it prevents them from expecting any help from Him when they are in trouble.

Like everyone else, I once was a sinner, and my thoughts were “If God is anything like the people I ran around with who called themselves Christians, I, as a sinner, had as good a chance of going to heaven as they did.” It was only when I hit the absolute bottom of the pit that I even considered calling out to God for help. Why? Because the picture of God my friends presented to me was not a true representation of the God I now know. So instead of being the first person I ran to when I needed help, He was the last. And I endured a lot of hardship and pain that could have been avoided if my friends had presented a more accurate picture of who God is. God desire is to change our view of Him so we can present an accurate picture of the Savior He sent to save us, and to touch the life of every lost soul on earth. But it is up to us who call ourselves Christians to buy into His plan and do our part to see that His kingdom is plainly seen on earth, as it is in heaven. DThrash

*Comments are welcome and open to everyone who wishes to add something of value to my blog, but if your only desire is to argue a point without scripture proof to support your opinion; that comment will not be posted.


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