Living It Up On Broadway

The aspirations of many young people is to make it to Broadway, Hollywood, or Nashville seeking their fame and fortune. However, when they arrive at their destination they learn these places aren’t all they are cracked up to be. What they find is many people with broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken aspirations, sleeping on the streets or working menial jobs just to survive. Too shamed to return home a failure, they resort to other ways of providing for themselves. Some become prostitutes, escorts, and drug dealers and some die. Also running those same streets are street leeches; people who make their living off of the broken-hearted whose dreams have been smashed on the rock infested beach of life. These street leeches represent the decadence of our society. They are worse than the bully who kicks a man when he is down just to further humiliate him.

Even if a person makes it big on Broadway, in Hollywood or Nashville the chances are still pretty good they will end up on the rock infested beach of life a broken person destroyed by the fame they fought so hard to attain. The list of stars who have died from a drug overdose, committed suicide, or ended up destitute after making it big in show business is long. Their downfall usually makes the morning headlines of the national news, their fans mourn, but for the families of these people it is heartbreaking. Solomon said in [Proverbs 14:12] “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Solomon is talking about is a life of ease with little difficulty and the enjoyment of all the world has to offer. This life seems right and good to a dreamer. His thoughts are, if he can hit it big and make a few million, all of his worries will be over. However, Solomon said in conclusion to his statement that the end of those things… “is the way of death.” At least to me Solomon’s statement seems to be contradictory in that one would think a man who lives life on easy street would live longer, and be happier than a man who works hard all of his life. But I do not think that was what Solomon was hinting at. I think solomon was talking about fulfillment in life rather than having an abundance of possessions. A man who takes pride in his work and loves his life is by far a happier man because of his sense of accomplishment than one who has to continually seek for ways to bring what he thinks is joy into his life.

Jesus attack this philosophy from a different angle in [Matthew 7:13-14] “Enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and Broad is the Way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. Jesus is talking about two different approaches to life. One is what He refers to as, “Entering by the narrow gate.” This is the man who finds contentment in obeying His God, committed to His work, and loves His family. On the other hand, Life on Broadway is quite different in that the people on Broadway are rushing to and fro from one thing to another seeking the elusive fame and fortune they so desire. Wise men will tell you, “Fulfillment does not come from fortune and fame,” though the world would have you think so. Fulfillment comes from loving relationships. The rock star status fans bestow upon their idols promotes that person to a god, and the poor rock star who gets high on his popularity learns a harsh lesson when he crashes and burns after another so-called rock star god replaces him. Once replaced they are demoted to the level of a has-been. Those person caught up in the rat race we call Broadway are travelling in the opposite direction than the person on the Narrow Way. The one is seeking his fortune and fame at the expense of his own soul, the other is seeking fulfillment through the relationships he builds along the way. The one gets to the top by stepping on other people, the other reaches his goals by helping the helpless. The one boasts of his accomplishments while racing through life at breakneck speed not understanding that at the end of Broadway lies Death Valley whose soil is full of dead men’s bleached bones, the other carefully picks his way up the rugged mountain of life God calls Eternal. Both of these individuals are searching for the same thing; fulfillment. The one searches for the meaning of life in ‘things’, the other builds relationships and understands that men are social beings, meaning we cannot survive as a human race without relationships. Man can live a long and happy life without things, but men cannot live alone. So for people who search for the meaning of fulfillment in things is foolhardy, Solomon said, “…the end of those things is death.” But the person who builds relationships as he meanders through life will never be alone and he will always be loved. The things a person spends a life time seeking are cold and unloving. They can’t comfort you when you are ill, or hold you when you are hurting. But the time and comfort we share with those who have nothing brings fulfillment into the life of a man and will sustain him through to life’s end. So don’t choose the way that ‘seems right’ to a man, choose the ‘right way’ early in life and you will avoid the heartache that accompanies a lonely life. DThrash


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