The Book of Job [Part Two] The Limitations of The Angelic Corps

Angels have been a mystery to people dating back to the earliest of times. And down through the ages artist have painted many pictures of what they think angels may look like. Some have painted pictures of cherub angels who look like little children, some have painted men with wings and great powerful muscles to represent angels, and some people believe we become angels when we die and go to heaven. Then there are movies and books with similar plots, but are any of these descriptions accurate? Who are angels, and what is their purpose in God’s kingdom? The bible tells us there are warring angels, messenger angels, and servant angels in the heavenlies surrounding this earth. They are servants of God no matter what their occupation might be otherwise. Lucifer, who is called Satan, was the highest ranking angel in heaven and ministered around the throne of God in music. He was the anointed angel, greater in beauty, greater in power, and greater in magnificence than any other angel until he tried to overthrow the throne of God. Upon his failure God removed his power, his beauty and his magnificence from him. Or in other words, God removed His Spirit from Lucifer and Satan the essence of evil was born. God kicked him out of heaven, confined him to the farthest region of His kingdom, imprisoned him with boundaries he could not cross unless he was called into God’s presence to report on his activities. He is no longer the mighty angel he once was. He is nothing but a shell of his former self. His evil has polluted his mind and robbed him of his strength leaving him to depend upon his wits to deceive man into helping him accomplish his evil. If he could not convince a single person to assist him with his evil, he would be as helpless as a new-born baby. But man being what he is assists this angel in killing his fellow-man, resisting the judge who will judge him, and filling hell with souls that were created to be joined with their creator in God’s heavenly realm.

Now let’s return to the Book of Job chapter one where Job gives us a picture of an event that took place in heaven that describes the power of God, the limitations of Satan, and the strength of man. I want you to notice God had complete confidence in Job. God went so far as to bring the name of Job up to Satan on one of his visits to God’s throne room. God said to Satan in verse 8, “Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth…?” Of course Satan had considered Job. It burned his heart that he could not have a go at Job because Job had a right relationship with his Creator and Satan couldn’t touch him or his property. Now you may be wondering why God would let Satan have a crack at a person like Job. Well, let me tell you, it is for our understanding that the story of men such as Job are in our bibles. It shows us if we remain faithful to our God, we will win over any situation that confronts us in this life. And when we overcome there is a reward waiting for us on the other side of the problem. Satan took everything Job had including the life of his children, but Satan could not make Job sin with his lips and curse His God. Do you understand? If we keep our mouth shut and do not curse our creator when the going gets a little tough, we remain sinless and at an appointed time our trial will end, and we will have grown stronger because of it. God had confidence that Job would not fail. It is when we have lost all or given all that we really come to know what we believe. Job knew what he believed, and when Satan used everyone close to Job to try to get him to curse God; he wouldn’t. Satan used Job’s wife and Job’s friends, but he could not make him curse his God, and Job prevailed. God proved to Satan and to us that the love of a man for his creator can be greater than the pain he endures in his physical body. Job proved it, Jesus proved it, the Apostles proved it, John the Baptist proved it, and many other people down through the ages have proved that a man can endure more physical pain than he can bear the thought of separating himself from his creator. Do you see the picture? Job represents the modern-day church. The true church of God like Job might lose everything we hold dear in this life, but if we do not sin with our mouth by cursing God, we remain sinless, and at an appointed time, God will say, “Enough is enough,” and he will put an end to our time of tribulation. Remember, Jesus told us we would have tribulation and trials in this world, but our life is not of this world because our home is in heaven where we will rule and reign with Christ Jesus for all eternity over all of God’s creation as the Bride of Christ. The Son of God gave His life for His Future Bride, and He is not going to marry a prostitute who doesn’t have a clue who he is. He is coming back for a bride that is pure and spotless, full of power, and who gives glory to the love of her life. A bride who would rather die for the honor of the Bride Groom than receive all the glory of this world; and because she feels that way about Him, He will come for her, and she will join Him in his kingdom and rule at His side from His throne throughout eternity. This my friends, is the greatest love story ever told; nothing else in print even comes close. DThrash.


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